Improve demand forecasts with event intelligence

PredictHQ’s AI-powered platform is used by leading businesses to give greater predictability to its demand volatility enabling them to achieve millions of dollars in improved forecasting accuracy.

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Find out how much events impact your location

Your forecast is missing millions in revenue opportunities. Choose any location globally to quickly calculate the spend generated by nearby events.

The Suggested Radius automatically returns the optimal radius based on your business type and the location that gives you just enough relevancy for your location, while excluding irrelevant events that likely wont have an impact.

Event Impact over next 90 days

  • Predicted Attendance

    The predicted number of people attending events within a location


  • Attended Events

    The sum total of Attended Events (e.g., sports, festivals, concerts, conferences, expos, and community)


  • Suggested Radius

    Suggested Radius is the optimal radius based on your business type and the location that gives you just enough relevancy for your location, while excluding irrelevant events that likely wont have an impact.


  • Predicted Event Spend (USD) - All Industries

    This figure is calculated from our core PredictHQ data, enriched by local economic indicators and partner data


  • Accommodation


  • Restaurants


  • Transportation


Event Trends Graph

The Challenge

Demand forecasting errors are frequent, frustrating and expensive

Relying solely on historical transaction data for demand forecasting overlooks the dynamic nature of market conditions. By integrating real-time, high-quality external data and intelligence, businesses can significantly improve forecasting accuracy. This AI-powered approach allows for quick adaptation in response to current trends and events, enhancing decision-making and profitability with precise forecasting models.

Our Solution

Make your demand forecasting models real-world aware

Events drive demand. More than $1.1 trillion per year worth of demand each year in fact. PredictHQ’s unique combination of forecast-grade event data, superior AI models, and agile infrastructure fuels smarter business decisions by going beyond WHAT local events are happening to help businesses predict the unpredictable: WHY each event matters to them. 



Gain context and explainability from the external factors causing demand volatility.



Faster and easier development of ML models with relevant, accurate data.



Reduce MAPE and improve forecasting accuracy.

What is demand intelligence?


Unlock the external factors causing demand volatility

Demand forecasting requires external data, machine learning, and feature prioritization to generate accurate predictions. PredictHQ's systems capture and verify millions of events that impact businesses globally, from sports games to severe weather. We cover 19 categories of impactful events and we’re always adding new categories that cause volatility to forecasting.

Our forecast-grade data is enriched, with predicted attendance, impact rankings and more so your models and teams can make focus on the most relevant events. We recommend you start with Beam - our demand analysis tool - to quickly identify what events have impacted your demand in the past to help you make better decisions in the future.


AI-enabled demand forecasting

PredictHQ's APIs seamlessly integrate with any forecasting tool to enhance model training and accuracy, including an API that provides instant access to forecast-ready prebuilt intelligence and features for quick value extraction from our data.

Our advanced AI models empower teams to move quickly, adapt, and stay agile. Our APIs not only provide context and explainability but they are especially powerful when used in quantitative forecasting methods such as:

  • Time series models
  • Regression analysis models
  • Machine learning models
  • Deep learning models
  • Causal models

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Drive down error rates to improve forecast accuracy

Understanding demand volatility allows businesses to enhance forecast accuracy, leading to strategic benefits such as staffing optimization, better inventory management, and effective pricing strategies. This can drive saved costs and increase profits for small and large businesses.

For example, food delivery company Favor has seen a 5 - 6% improvement in MAPE when incorporating features based on PredictHQ data. The improvement for them was largely seen in smaller markets where events likely cause a bigger fluctuation to their business.

Customer Stories

Integrate PredictHQ into your demand forecasting and get results

Learn how customers are integrating demand intelligence into their forecasting models and seeing value.

Don't underestimate how much effort it takes to work with event data... Being able to rely on a company whose sole purpose is to remove the ambiguity of event data has been game-changing for us.
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