Better Inventory Management with Events

Maintaining lean supply chains and appropriate inventory levels drives costs savings and maximize sales. Use demand intelligence to improve both.

The Challenge

Sufficient inventory levels can be challenging to pinpoint

Inventory forecasting models can provide a general direction of stock levels. But when demand fluctuates and anamolies occur, business supply chains are not prepared, causing waste and missed opportunities.

Our Solution

Optimize inventory management systems with intelligent event data

Demand intelligence identifies demand catalysts based on intelligent event data so you can know future demand fluctuations before they happen, and prepare. Many teams can access and use demand intelligence. Technical teams can train their forecasting models with this data set while operations managers can create event alerts that will impact their inventory levels. Update inventory forecasting systems and readjust stock levels in advance to meet every flucutation.



Aggregate event data and establish correlation.



Predict future demand with intelligent event data.



Adjust supply chain strategy and inventory levels.

What is demand intelligence?


Aggregate event data and establish correlation

Uncover the catalysts causing demand fluctuations

Real-world event data is dynamic, difficult to standardize, and often messy with duplicates and spam. PredictHQ solves these issues and identifies the aggregate event impact of historical events so businesses can correlate to their historical demand in minutes.


Predict future demand

After correlation is identified, businesses gain visibility into which event categories impact their business most. Use the PredictHQ API to train your inventory forecasting models to know the amount of inventory you should have on hand at all times. You can also use Notifications to get alerts on when relevant events are scheduled or updated.


Optimize inventory and create leaner supply chains

The right amount of inventory is crucial to any business. You can miss out on revenue when stock runs out or lose money when there’s excess stock. Let demand intelligence guide you to better understand demand anomalies so you can adjust your supply chain strategy and perfect your inventory count.

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Customer Stories

Integrate PredictHQ and improve inventory management

Learn how customers are integrating demand intelligence into their forecasting models and seeing value.

Don't underestimate how much effort it takes to work with event data... Being able to rely on a company whose sole purpose is to remove the ambiguity of event data has been game-changing for us.
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