Smarter staffing and stocking with demand intelligence

Unexpected surges in demand hit even the most experienced retail demand forecasters. The sudden change in footfall, an influx of customers and not enough stock or staff to meet demand. PredictHQ exists so your stores are always equipped to maximize sales and minimize waste.

The Challenge

Events drive billions in retail spending but are hard to track

Out-of-stocks and overstocks cost retailers more than $1.1 trillion globally each year, and staff are one of the major expenses. With so much demand driven by events, retailers know they need to track impactful events near them, but it's complex and time consuming to do accurately.

Our Solution

Know which events are your demand catalysts and prepare for them

Let PredictHQ track high-impact events for you. Our systems aggregate from hundreds of sources and verify half a million events worldwide each month. We then rank the events by impact so your teams and models know exactly the impact on demand in advance.


Better Forecasts

Waste less stock and ensure you don't run out of any early.


Smarter Rostering

Use events to know exactly how many staff you'll need.


Network Management

Distribute resources across your stores more effectively.


Better Forecasting

Go beyond seasonal trends and historical data only to understand why your demand fluctuates.

Discover which events impact your demand to reduce out-of-stocks or overstocks. Track and prepare for the impact of scheduled events like sports or unplanned events such as severe weather.


Smarter Rostering

Staffing is one of the biggest costs for retail and QSR businesses so you need to get it right. Studies by MIT’s School of Management found staffing stores well can lead to a 10% increase in sales.

More accurate footfall predictions means more accurate staffing, enabling you to get the balance right every time.


Network Management

Make the most of your network by indentifying each event's footprint and investing staff and stock into the stores within it.

PredictHQ's feature engineering enables your team to prioritize the events that matter. Use Radial Search to find events around each store and Local Rank™ to understand their impact. These will also help you identify when smaller events are clustered around your stores, creating significant impact.

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Customer Stories

More accurate forecasts at scale targeted by suburb and store

Legion Technologies uses PredictHQ's demand intelligence to create 98% accurate retail staffing models without wasting data science team time.

Don't underestimate how much effort it takes to work with event data... Being able to rely on a company whose sole purpose is to remove the ambiguity of event data has been game-changing for us.
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