Boost your marketing relevance with events

Insight into relevant, impactful events happening in a specific location gives companies the ability to tailor marketing campaigns to target those who are likely to be interested in these events.

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Find out how much events impact your location

Choose any location globally to quickly calculate the spend generated by nearby events.

The Suggested Radius automatically returns the optimal radius based on your business type and the location that gives you just enough relevancy for your location, while excluding irrelevant events that likely wont have an impact.

Event Impact over next 90 days

  • Predicted Attendance

    The predicted number of people attending events within a location


  • Attended Events

    The sum total of Attended Events (e.g., sports, festivals, concerts, conferences, expos, and community)


  • Suggested Radius

    Suggested Radius is the optimal radius based on your business type and the location that gives you just enough relevancy for your location, while excluding irrelevant events that likely wont have an impact.


  • Predicted Event Spend (USD) - All Industries

    This figure is calculated from our core PredictHQ data, enriched by local economic indicators and partner data


  • Accommodation


  • Restaurants


  • Transportation


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The Challenge

Legal initiatives for digital privacy have complicated targeted marketing

While more consumers opt to protect their data with ad blockers, private internet browsers, and VPNs, they still expect promotions to be relevant. Plus, the rise of privacy laws such as GDPR have further complicated the already intricate world of targeted marketing. To stay competitive in the face of changing consumer preferences and new advertising regulations, marketers and campaign planners need creative, reliable ways to reach their target audience.

Our Solution

Use event data to identify event-based marketing opportunities

Leading companies use location-based event data to identify impactful events their target market cares about, and opportunities to reach them via marketing campaigns specific to those events and to more accurately measure the impact of their campaigns.


Create event-specific campaigns

Create relevant marketing campaigns around events that will drive consumer engagement and awareness for your brands and customers.


Optimize the locations to market in and around

Whether it is digital ad screens in public spaces, billboards, travel hubs or more, use event data and other third party data like point of interest data to optimize the location of your campaigns.


Better understand campaign ROI

Partner with event organizers and venues to enable targeted co-marketing campaigns.


Create event-specific marketing campaigns

Target your marketing efforts more effectively by identifying rich pockets of event-based demand where consumers are likely to be more interested in a particular event or product.

Use location-based event data to better predict and promote your business around demand-driving events in 30,000 cities worldwide – which can inform decisions about event-specific offers, promotions, content, and more. Real world, context based planning around events is an effective way to engage with potential customers, boost brand awareness, and drive sales.


Optimize the locations to market in and around

To maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns, leverage intelligent event data and third-party information, such as point-of-interest data, to strategically position your promotional content across various mediums, including digital ad screens in public spaces, billboards, and travel hubs. By effectively harnessing location optimization techniques, you can ensure that your campaigns are not only targeted to the right audience but also delivered at the most opportune time and place, thereby boosting your chances of success.


Better understand campaign ROI

Arguably the most important component of a marketing campaign is to evaluate its performance through both impact and profit so that it can be determined whether or not the marketing efforts are actually helping the company improve its bottom line.

By understanding how many people will be in a given area for events with predicted attendance and predicted event spend, businesses can better predict campaign ROI and ensure they are focusing on the highest potential impact areas.

Customer Stories

Save time identifying which events to invest in

Quickly pinpoint the events that have historically been most relevant to your business – this way, you can focus your efforts on building event sponsorships, venue partnerships, and occasion-based marketing tactics that are more likely to reach your targeted audience.

PredictHQ has alleviated the burden of spending hundreds, if not thousands of hours on sourcing events and trying to make sense out of them. Even outside of the product team, we have team members ranging from marketing to sales who have all really benefited from the data.
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