Our Story... So Far

Predicting the future is why this business exists. We’re building a global demand intelligence powerhouse and are right at the beginning of our plans.

The origin of PredictHQ

It’s unusual for any product to sign Uber as its first customer, especially one created more than 6500 miles away from San Francisco. But PredictHQ has been hugely ambitious and global from day one, and we’re only just getting started.

PredictHQ is based in San Francisco and New Zealand, where it was founded in Auckland in 2014. Campbell Brown identified a major gap in forecasting and marketing: knowing exactly why a demand spike was happening. Harnessing the why made demand predictable, earning companies major competitive advantage in forecasting, pricing and marketing.

His research showed this elusive why was almost always due to events. But how to capture these efficiently and reliably at scale?

After several frustrating weeks, it became clear manual discovery was enormously expensive, error-prone and ultimately ineffective. Campbell partnered with Robert Kern, and began building PredictHQ’s discovery and verification engine.

Forged from the Land of the Long White Cloud

When you live at the bottom of the world in a country with half the population of New York, you have to be globally-focused to thrive. We were launched in Middle Earth, our commercial headquarters are in San Francisco and we have clients all over the world.

What Makes Us Tick

With a busy team across Auckland and San Francisco, our values keep us united and focused on what matters.

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Meet Our Team

We wouldn't exist without our talented people - it's as simple as that. Find out what makes the brains behind PredictHQ tick.

Meet the team
PredictHQ Preparedness Kit - A Guide to Navigate COVID-19 Impact and Plan for Recovery