Our Story... So Far

Looking into the future is what this business is all about. But it's the past that has forged the foundations of something we think is pretty special.

Born at the Coalface

Emerging out of Online Republic, a global company specialising in cruise, car rental and motorhome travel bookings, PredictHQ was initially created to enable better global visibility of campaign management across performance advertising, email, social media and SEO.

Or, put simply, we wanted to know how particular events all over the world impacted our business performance - and figure out how to make those events work for us.

But that got us thinking. If we were making a product that could create business success for Online Republic, could the same thing help others? So we undertook some serious testing at scale and proved that, yes, our new software delivered results. It's this type of intense testing at the coalface of e-commerce that has lead to the birth of something very special - PredictHQ.

Forged from the Land of the Long White Cloud

We're proud to be an ambitious, motivated and innovative company from the sunny isles of New Zealand. Sure, we're close to Middle Earth, but the fact that we live at the bottom of the world is the very reason we started this journey to help other businesses that operate globally to act locally.

What Motivates Us?

Whenever we create new products and features or explore new data, we always have these things in mind.

  • Beautiful simplicity out of chaos
  • Reducing FoMO
  • Improving visibility
  • Democratising data
  • Being technology agnostic
  • Creating intuitive experiences
  • Having an amazing team
  • Solving problems

Like the Cut of Our Jib?

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Event Visibility is Important

Here are 7 reasons why you don't want to be an iceberg

  • Greater context = better conversion

    Greater visibility of events and their impact not only puts things into context for your business, it also puts things into context for your consumers. Tell your consumers why they should book now, inform them of events and changes going on around them, or simply help them make informed decisions without having to ask someone else for advice.

  • Plan, optimise & execute business strategies

    The best business strategies are the ones that are built on actual data, not guesswork. Once you have that visibility, you can plan, optimise and execute business strategies months in advance, or react to real-time events that you know impact your business. From creating relevant content strategies to promotional campaigns, event visibility can change the way you do business.

  • Create relevant promotional triggers for campaigns

    Because PredictHQ tells you what events are going to affect your business before they even happen, you can create effective marketing campaigns that leverage those events, figure out the optimal time to promote and increase ad spend, and make you look like you've got someone on the inside. Which you do.

  • Mash it up

    PredictHQ makes it easy to go the extra mile for your customers. Tap into our API to source additional contextual data based on the time, date and location and mash this up with your customer's interactions. The more relevant, useful and timely information you can give your customers, the more likely they are to keep coming back to you rather than your competitors.

  • Discover events that impact your business the most

    Your annual revenue doesn't have to be characterised by peaks and troughs that come out of nowhere. Use PredictHQ to match relevant events both close to home and further afield to your transactions, footfall, traffic or anything that occurs on a particular date. Learn where and why some events result in ups and others in downs, then keep one step ahead of the game.

  • Yield optimisation

    Once you know what events are likely to affect your business the most, use your new information to maximise your business' yield optimisation process. Make sure your inventory is priced correctly and readily-available leading into a busy period, roster the right balance of staff in your retail stores, or prepare your customer service team for an influx brought on by your most impacting events.

  • Stay ahead of the pack so you side-step FoMO

    If you’ve ever felt like you’ve missed the business boat, there's still hope. PredictHQ reduces potential FoMO by helping you stay one step ahead of your competitors – and the calendar. Because when you know what events are coming up and when, you’ll be the leader in your market – not the little guy playing catch-up.

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All our events are standardised, enriched, and ranked.

Let PredictHQ increase your event visibility and reduce your FoMO.

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