The only event data worth using is enriched data

Events vary in impact, so your event data source needs to be verified and enriched. Go beyond date, time and title to eliminate guesswork and enable accurate forecasts for every location you operate in with features such as predicted attendance.
We needed a partner that could provide global event coverage that was enriched with things like economic factors, population, and geo data. PredictHQ was the only data source with extensive enrichment.
Sven Blaurock
Head of Product
HQ revenue


All our events include verified geocoding, which requires corrections to thousands of new events each week.

Enrich with Entities

PredictHQ has millions of entities, such as venues and performers. This enables us to pinpoint expected attendance, which is critical insight for demand forecasting.

Event Time

Knowing an event's start and end time enables smarter scheduling. PredictHQ verifies or predicts these details for every event. Some event data sources provide start times but end times are rarely included.

Predicted Attendance

Relying on a venue's maximum capacity to forecast is misleading. You need a specific and verified estimate for each event to know how many additional potential customers this event will attract.


PredictHQ’s proprietary ranking systems calculate and rank events by predicted impact. This means you can focus on the events that matter the most and adapt your forecasts and strategies well in advance.


Clean, accurate, intelligent data delivered directly to you. Easily and quickly access intelligent event data via our:

We’ve built QSPD – the industry standard for event data quality

Rigorous data enrichment is critical to turning events into demand intelligence. It is a key step in QSPD: Quality Standards for Processing Demand Causal Factors. These are the criteria for reliable event data businesses can trust in their forecasting models.
There are hundreds of steps in our enrichment phase to ensure quality and accurate enrichment. And the massive complexity can make this overwhelming and impossible for small teams to do on their own. Our pipeline has automated the complexities so customers have instant access to actionable information.

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