Our Story

Our vision is to enable every business to master predictability within their demand. With our AI-powered Predictive Demand Intelligence platform we remove the volatility from demand planning and unlock opportunities for growth.

Born of Necessity

Volatility is the enemy of demand planning, with business leaders often lacking any predictability into WHY they are seeing fluctuations in demand and WHEN this will happen again. When it comes to understanding how real-world events impact demand, most business leaders simply don't know what they don't know.

Our co-founders, Campbell Brown, Mike Ballantyne, and Robert Kern, learned this firsthand, joining forces to solve the challenge of predicting demand surges Campbell and Mike were experiencing at their global travel company.

They found there was no solution to help them predict future demand surges. Aggregating APIs, scraping websites and manually entering data lacked the required quality, intelligence and infrastructure to solve this problem at scale. They knew artificial intelligence was the answer, but there was something missing from the many new and unproven “solutions” and the existing tools that were suddenly “smarter.”

Predictive Demand Intelligence

The missing enabler to AI-driven demand planning was an always-on intelligence engine—not just basic event data, but a trusted source of INSIGHTS into how and why local events impact demand.

This was the genesis of Predictive Demand Intelligence—and the start of PredictHQ. Tested and proven within Campbell and Mike's global travel company, Predictive Demand Intelligence unlocked $1.2M in value within their first year of using it.

Building from that early success, PredictHQ combines data with superior AI models to deliver unique and powerful API's which can be integrated to improve anything from simple pricing calendars to some of the most complex demand forecasts—making it easy for any business to navigate volatility and see into the future with Predictive Demand Intelligence.

Forged in the Land of the Long White Cloud

We're a New Zealand-founded company with customers all over the world, and we're really proud of that. Our team in Auckland and San Francisco (where Campbell now resides with his family) are part of a unique culture - one that combines Kiwi empathy and community with American ambition and drive.


What Unites Us

We're a diverse group of humans building a company growing at full speed. We stay focused on what matters.
  • Customer Centricity
    Our customers are our partners. We learn from them constantly so we can deliver huge value and keep innovating.
  • Understanding Why
    We know why we take each step, reflect and act, and solve problems rather than symptoms.
  • Family & Friends First
    Life is for living — we work hard but don’t neglect our family, friends or health.
  • Get Our Hands Dirty
    If something needs to be done, we roll up our sleeves.
  • Transparency
    We thrive when we communicate transparently, collaborate fully and look after each other.

Meet our team

Our team comes from more than 20 countries and brings experience from NASA, Salesforce, Baidu, Workday and more.

Meet our team