Demand Prediction

Create more resilient and accurate demand forecasts that go beyond seasonal and cyclical trends. PredictHQ’s API can be added into your existing setup or workflow to unlock the power of events for more accurate workforce, inventory and pricing strategies.
When you make the wrong decisions around a big event, that can cause thousands of dollars in missed revenue.
Blue Nimarom
Lead Account Manager
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Correlating your historical data to ours is the key to discovering which events drive your demand.

PredictHQ Beam saves you 72 days of work by correlating your historical transactional demand to our demand causal factors in minutes. Our unique models are built by correlation and time series modeling experts to ensure you receive the most accurate insights into which events drive your demand. This takes the guesswork and googling out of your demand forecasting.

Precision Prediction
Coming Soon

Once you know what kind of events drive your demand, use PredictHQ's future events data to update your forecasting models. No more reactive scrambling once demand arrives – you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

We'll be releasing a custom rank so that you can have visibility into the events that have an impact on your specific business and plan accordingly.

We’ll handle the events – you focus on your business

Accurately predicting event impact on your business takes huge amounts of data wrangling. Let our systems take care of it for you, so your team can focus on optimizing for the surges or prepare for drops in demand. PredictHQ manages millions of events and turns them into demand intelligence for your business through extensive processing and feature engineering. We follow QSPD – the Quality Standards for Processing Demand Causal Factors – to ensure data accuracy and quality.
Accurately identifying the catalysts of incremental and decremental demand from historical data is one of the most challenging aspects of correlation. With PredictHQ, you can quickly identify what’s driving demand so you can identify incoming anomalies swiftly and be prepared for them every time.

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