Event visibility for better planning

Know and prepare for impactful events in advance. Use PredictHQ to search and identify relevant events efficiently.

The Challenge

Events are hard to track at scale but the data is essential in helping planners and organizations understand changes in demand

Without events, companies struggle to understand the full picture of upcoming demand. Finding and making sense of relevant events manually is an inefficient and costly use of your team’s time. In February 2021, there were 21k+ impactful events in the United States alone. So many teams don’t track or have visibility into events that are coming up around them, creating a huge gap in planning and operations efforts.

Our Solution

Easily search and be notified about events coming up to improve planning

Having visibility into events coming up unlocks planning and operational efficiency opportunities. With thousands of events being scheduled, updated or changed daily, you need an automated solution. Easily search for events or set up notifications based on location, event category, time frame and more to identify and have visibility into future demand fluctuations to make better business decisions.



Centralize and aggregate real-world event data.



Search for events specific to your geographies to determine what to focus on.



Make changes to planning or operations based on upcoming events.

What is demand intelligence?


Centralize and aggregate

Have full context of upcoming events that may impact demand

Real-world event data is always changing, difficult to standardize, and often messy with duplicate events and spam. With PredictHQ, you can access millions of events across multiple event categories from hundreds of data sources into a single dashboard called Control Center.


Identify what matters

Search for events around your geographies and locations that matter to you and determine what to focus on. The closer you are to a venue, the higher likelihood of impact to your business. If you’re a transportation company, the drivers that are closer to a concert hall when the performance ends are likely going to pick passengers up first. Or maybe you’re a restaurant two blocks from a sports arena, and you need to know which local events will compound the impact of sports games so you can staff and stock appropriately. Need help? We have a free correlation analysis tool to determine the relationship between your historical demand and event data to help you understand what event categories to focus on.


Plan around upcoming events

Once you determine what events matter to you, you can plan around upcoming events, enabling your team to prepare for surges in demand. You and your teams can set up a routine to search for upcoming events in Control Center or set up notifications based on parameters you set to get notified via email when upcoming events that you care about are scheduled.

Customer Stories

Access event data to optimize pricing

Learn how customers are leveraging event data to improve their planning and make adjustments. Whether its searching through event calendars or setting up real-time alerts, customers have increased visibility and context into upcoming demand.

Every moment matters in demand forecasting. Imagine finding out a couple of hours too late that say Coachella is scheduled for a different weekend in April than years past. That delay cost millions of dollars in a missed opportunity to update pricing and potentially more supply to reflect demand.
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