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  • We Use Cookies

    We use cookies when you visit our website (“site”). Cookies are small text files that are transferred from our site to your computer or mobile device via your browser. They allow us to recognise, remember you and collect site browsing information automatically from you.

  • How We Use Cookies

    Each time you visit our site, cookies help us remember you and improve your experience on our site.
    Specifically, cookies do a number of things, like:

    • a) Remember information about you, so you don't have to give it to us repeatedly
    • b) Keep you signed in, even on different devices
    • c) Help us understand how you are using our site and services accessed via our site, so we can improve them
    • d) Deliver advertising that may be targeted to you
    • e) Help us personalise our site for you by remembering your preferences and settings
    • f) Confirm if our emails to you have been read and if you find them useful
    • g) Measure the number of visitors to our site and their activity on our site

    Other permitted third-party organisations also collect the above types of information on our site through cookies (third-party cookies), and similar text files called tags, also known as web beacons.These work in a similar way to cookies but collect information through embedded images.

    Using third-party cookies and other technologies like tags and beacons allows these other organisations to help us to analyse how our site is being used, measure the number of visitors to the site and display appropriate advertising.

  • What Types of Cookies We Use

    We use four types of cookies:

    • Essential – Some cookies are always on when you visit our site. They are essential to provide you with the services you use and ensure the services work correctly. If you set your browser to block these cookies, then these services will not work for you.
    • Performance – These cookies measure how often you visit our site and it performs. We aggregate this information to get a better sense of how our users engage with our site and how we should improve it, so users can have a better experience. For example, we collect information about which of our pages are most frequently visited, and by which types of users. We also use third-party cookies to help with site performance.
    • Functionality – These cookies are used to recognise you and remember your preferences or settings when you return to our site, so that we can provide you with a more personalised experience. A mix of first-party and third-party cookies are used for this.
    • Advertising – These cookies are used to collect information about your visit to our site, including the content you have viewed, the links you have followed and information about your browser, device and your IP address. This information can then be used for relevant advertising that may better suit your preferences.

    Some cookies are erased when you close the browser on our site. Other cookies last longer, sometimes forever, and are saved onto your device so that they’re there when you come back to our site.

  • How To Control Your Cookies

    You can manage the use of cookies on our site including third-party cookies, and disable the sharing of data with third-party organisations for advertising purposes, by changing your browser’s cookie settings.

    It is also possible to stop your browser from accepting cookies altogether by changing your browser’s cookie settings.

    You can usually find these cookie settings in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. The following links may be helpful, or you can use the “Help” option in your browser.

    You can switch some cookies off through the Your Online Choices site. You may need to do this again each time you use a different IP address, device, or virtual private network. You can also adjust the global privacy setting or plug-in via your browser settings.

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