PredictHQ Tools

Access PredictHQ's intelligent event data through a variety of tools. We've got you covered with everything from search, to a Tableau Data Connector, to a Data Exporter and much more.

Control Center

Your central hub to manage and access data

Discover and manage your API and all the demand intelligence data your business needs through a single place.
Features API

Find your busiest dates to integrate into your models

The Features API shows you the total impact of all events at a location and for a specified time range. Events vary in impact and identifying their combined impact takes a lot of careful work. This tool enables your team can use its output directly in your models.
Data Exporter

Export intelligent event data via JSON or CSV

Once you have a Premium Plan, you can instantly access our data directly: downloading it, storing it and integrating it with your own data. Our Data Exporter enables you to explore our event data with a CSV or JSON output.
Tableau Connector

Access PredictHQ directly in Tableau

Easily explore large volumes of demand intelligence and make strategic decisions faster with our Tableau Data Connector - no code required.

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