PredictHQ covers 19 major event categories worldwide

Accurate demand insights require deep and diverse coverage of event categories. PredictHQ has built ranking models for each category to pinpoint their impact.
  • Attendance-Based


    Scheduled Events

    Events with a start and end date and time. PredictHQ models predict attendances for each of these events.

  • Non-Attendance-Based


    Scheduled Events

    These are events with a start and end date, but are more fluid in impact, such as observances or school holidays.

  • Unscheduled Events

    Unscheduled Events

    Live events updated every minute

    Live coverage of breaking events such as severe weather and terrorism. The API updates minute to minute to ensure accuracy.

Incremental Demand

A positive demand impact, such as a surge in sales.

Decremental Demand

A negative demand impact, such as a slow or sharp drop.

Scheduled Events

Attendance-Based Events

Non-Attendance-Based Events

Unscheduled Events

Event labels

200+ labels built & tagged

Once our machine learning models sort events into categories, highly specialized NLP models for each category kick in to add labels to every event so you can build hyper-targeted models.