PredictHQ covers 18 major event categories worldwide

Accurate demand insights require deep and diverse coverage of event categories. PredictHQ has built ranking models for each category to pinpoint their impact.
  • Attendance-Based

    Scheduled Events

    Events with a start and end date and time. PredictHQ models predict attendences for each of these events.

  • Non-Attendance-Based

    Scheduled Events

    These are events with a start and end date, but are more fluid in impact, such as observances or school holidays.

  • Unscheduled Events

    Live events updated every minute

    Live coverage of breaking events such as severe weather and terrorism. The API updates minute to minute to ensure accuracy.

Incremental Demand

A positive demand impact, such as a surge in sales.

Decremental Demand

A negative demand impact, such as a slow or sharp drop.

Scheduled Events

Attendence-Based Events

  • Sports

    Games, tournaments and more — sports are big demand drivers. We have tailored models for each sport.

  • Conferences

    Large conferences need to be in your forecasts and are especially dynamic: many change locations each time.

  • Expos

    Major events for educating the public or an industry. We cover international, national and state trade shows.

  • Concerts

    From massive tours down to gigs with only a handful of people, know which shows drive your demand.

  • Festivals

    Multi-day, multi-performer events. From small local shows to major international festivals with millions of attendees.

  • Performing Arts

    Plays, exhibitions and creative events. Often smaller, these are part of perfect storms of demand.

  • Community

    Fetes, fun runs, farmers markets and much more. These are often part of high-impact event clusters.

Non-Attendence-Based Events

  • Public Holidays

    Public holidays differ by country, state and even city. Staying on top of all of them is essential.

  • School Holidays

    Dates differ slightly per state and city, as well as globally. All are ranked as major impact.

  • Observances

    We cover religious, national and regional observances, and there are thousands every month worldwide.

  • Politics

    Elections, rallies and key events such as inaugurations, need to be factored into plans.

  • Live TV Events
    Coming soon

    Live sports broadcasts generate huge demand surges for food, retail and delivery services.

  • Daylight Savings

    Simple but important as it varies by country and even state by state. We track daylight savings globally.

  • Academic

    Key dates in tertiary education calendars such as graduation, homecoming and exams. (US only)

Unscheduled Events

  • Airport Delays

    Minor and major, these impact demand in a range of ways.

  • Severe Weather

    Heavy rain, strong winds, tornado season — know and respond to severe weather.

  • Disasters

    Floods, droughts, tsunamis and more. We update these regularly as they evolve.

  • Terror Attacks

    We cover breaking terror attacks in 30,000 cities.

  • Health Warnings

    Warnings and restrictions such as lockdown orders both starting and finishing.

Event labels

200+ labels built & tagged

Once our machine learning models sort events into categories, highly specialized NLP models for each category kick in to add labels to every event so you can build hyper-targeted models.
Learn about labels