George Strait's historic concert breaks records and boosts the College Station economy 

Published on June 18, 2024

In a historic moment for live music, George Strait's concert at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas set a new record for the largest ticketed concert in U.S. history. On Saturday, June 15, the king of country, accompanied by Parker McCollum and Catie Offerman, performed for a staggering 110,905 fans, breaking the previous attendance record held since 1977.

This record-breaking event demonstrates the massive economic impact events such as major concerts have on local economies. With the use of predictive demand intelligence, businesses can tap into these opportunities, optimizing their operations in advance to maximize revenue.

George Strait's economic impact on College Station, Texas

On Saturday, June 15, the influx of 110,905 fans translated into an astounding $7,818,803 in direct spending across College Station, boosting various sectors:

  • Accommodation: $1,903,273

  • Restaurants: $4,278,028

  • Transportation: $1,637,501

These figures highlight more than just impressive attendance and spending – they showcase the vital role of predictive demand intelligence in helping local businesses prepare and capitalize on impactful events.

Harnessing predictive demand intelligence

PredictHQ tracks 19 categories of events across 30,000+ cities worldwide, providing actionable insights into predicted attendance, event-based spending, and more. This data empowers businesses across industries to:

What is demand intelligence?

Capitalizing on the economic potential of major events

George Strait's record-setting concert exemplifies the profound economic impact cultural events can have on local communities. However, this is just one event. Cities like College Station host events daily, each influencing local spending. Overlapping events, even smaller ones, can create demand surges that businesses might overlook without the right data.

Companies like Instacart, ParkMobile, and more use predictive demand intelligence to better understand how events impact their business, empowering them to predict and work around event-driven demand volatility. PredictHQ’s AI-powered platform is paving the way for businesses to proactively seize opportunities and shape their economic destinies.

Use intelligent event data to take control of demand volatility 

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