SeatGeek's API is built to sell tickets, not as a source of data

While SeatGeek's API is designed for selling tickets, PredictHQ's API is a market-leading aggregation of accurate and intelligent event data that can be used to improve your planning, forecasting, and profitability.

How is our API different to SeatGeek’s?

SeatGeek’s API is great for selling tickets, but it's not designed for forecasting or planning. PredictHQ's API is purpose-built for scale, pulling from hundreds of sources to give you a complete and accurate picture of what events could impact your business.

SeatGeek API
PredictHQ API
Event Categories
Average Event Coverage
Average Error Rate
Predicted Attendance
Verified estimate, based on inputs such as venue capacity and performer popularity for each event to better understand impact.
Predicted Events
Events that haven’t been scheduled yet, but are predicted to occur — based on years of historical event, demand and venue data.
Predicted Event Spend
A dollar figure that reflects the predicted amount of spending in a specific area as a result of the event.
Predicted End Times
~80% of other event data sources don't provide an end time. We use machine learning algorithms to predict event end times.
Predicted Radius
We automatically provide an optimal radius based on your business type and location that gives you just enough relevancy to find events around you.
Event Types

We track 19 event categories across 4 types of events

  • Attendance-Based


    Scheduled Events

    • Sports
    • Festivals
    • Expos
    • Conferences
    • Concerts
    • Performing Arts
    • Community
  • Non-Attendance-Based


    Scheduled Events

    • School Holidays
    • Public Holidays
    • Academic Events
    • Observances
    • Politics
    • Daylight Savings
  • Unscheduled Events

    Unscheduled Events

    Live events updated every minute

    • Severe Weather
    • Natural Disasters
    • Terrorist Attacks
    • Health Warnings
    • Airport Delays
    • ProtestsComing Soon
  • Live TV Events

    Live TV Events

    Televised events such as sports

    • Sports - Predicted viewership by county
Explore our 19 categories  

Go beyond the when and where with dynamic, event-based data

While ticketing APIs provide the date, time, and location of ticketed, attendance-based events – this leaves out a wide range of event types that may be impacting your business locations. From concerts, sports events, conferences, severe weather, airport delays, health warnings and much more, our data covers 19 unique event categories across 300,000 cities globally – so you can uncover your demand catalysts wherever your business is located.

Every month, PredictHQ captures, verifies, and enriches an average of 400,000 new events. We aggregate and standardize 200+ different event sources into a single API, including ticketing APIs to bring you the world’s only source of dynamic, reliable and contextual event data.

Gain deeper strategic insight and make data-driven decisions

Every event is enriched with geolocation, ranking, venue, start time and predicted end time, predicted attendance, predicted event spend, event category and subcategories, details of previous instances of the same event, and more. While a majority of data providers and ticketing APIs delete historical events, PredictHQ provides 5 years of historical data for the 22+ million events in our system.

Unlock deeper insights into your demand drivers to power informed decisions around staffing, inventory, marketing, and pricing at scale for each of your business locations.