Unlock Generative AI with AWS Bedrock + PredictHQ

Published on June 25, 2024

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, leveraging large language models (LLMs) and foundation models (FMs) through generative AI has become not only a game-changer but a necessity. Companies are using the technology to enable predictive analytics and increase business agility, including:

  • Improving efficiency: Generative AI can automate tasks like content creation, data analysis, and code generation, freeing up human resources for more strategic work. 

  • Getting the creative juices flowing: Businesses use generative AI to brainstorm new ideas, develop innovative products, and personalize customer experiences.

  • Making data-driven decisions: By analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying hidden patterns, generative AI provides actionable insights.  

By integrating real-world context into AI models, PredictHQ enables businesses to predict and adapt to market changes with precision and agility. In this article, we’ll explain how to harness the power of predictive demand intelligence with the integration of PredictHQ's intelligent event data and APIs with AWS Bedrock's generative AI solution.

Unlock the power of generative AI with AWS Bedrock + PredictHQ

AWS Bedrock is a machine learning platform that helps developers build generative artificial intelligence applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. It uses FMs, which are large pre-trained machine learning models, to simplify the process of creating these applications.

The platform offers robust support for third-party LLMs, upgraded foundational models, and enterprise-grade security, making it ideal for developing and scaling customized generative AI applications. AWS Bedrock has partnered with PredictHQ to further enhance these capabilities by integrating real-time event data into AI-driven decision-making processes.

By integrating PredictHQ's extensive dataset with AWS Bedrock's generative AI, users can effortlessly interact with data sets conversationally. This integration empowers businesses to derive data-driven insights swiftly and meaningfully so they can quickly identify patterns, trends, and outliers that may impact their operations and bottom line.

How to use PredictHQ's event data and APIs with AWS Bedrock

Watch Dr. Xuxu Wang, Chief Data Officer at PredictHQ, as she demonstrates how to use AWS Bedrock to interact with data sets conversationally and to quickly derive meaningful insights:

The synergy between PredictHQ's event data and intelligence and AWS Bedrock's generative AI enables businesses to adapt promptly to current trends and events. This AI-powered approach enhances decision-making, optimizing operational efficiency and driving profitability.

Harness the future of AI-driven decision-making with PredictHQ and AWS Bedrock. Make your business context-aware, empowering generative AI to autonomously predict when, how, and why real-world events will impact your business.