Madden Media uses AWS and PredictHQ to deliver dynamic event insights

Published on September 25, 2023

Madden Media is a leading destination marketing agency who uses data and insights to empower communities to thrive. Their customers include destination marketing organizations (DMOs) such as Visit Idaho, Visit Seattle, Visit Phoenix, and many more. 

Given that events such as concerts, sports, and conferences drive millions in local spending due to the influx of visitors, the agency wanted to provide better event data to their customers to help them:

  • Better understand how local events impact their communities 

  • Accurately predict the economic impact of these events

  • Enhance marketing and promotions in preparation for future demand

The challenge for Madden Media was to find a simple way to access and ingest third-party data to analyze and then deliver it to their end users in Voyage, their business intelligence platform. The agency turned to AWS Data Exchange, which made it easy for Madden Media to access PredictHQ’s intelligent event data.

The agency streamlined its pipeline by using AWS Data Exchange to pull in third-party data faster from PredictHQ, then preprocess it for rapid storage on Amazon S3 – enabling Madden Media to accelerate its time to value and boost productivity. 

With AWS and PredictHQ, Madden Media now surfaces verified, dynamic, contextual event data to their customers through the event measurement features in Voyage. With the integration of granular, relevant insights into local events, Madden Media's customers can now accurately predict:

  • How an upcoming event will impact hotel room availability and pricing

  • How to align marketing campaigns with incoming demand

  • Which events draw the most visitors to the area

  • And more

Read the full article to learn more about how Madden Media is using AWS and PredictHQ to deliver near-real-time insights on local events.