Learn how to integrate event features into your existing forecasting model

Published on March 27, 2023
Dr. Xuxu Wang
Chief Data Officer

Learn how to retrieve and integrate event features into a forecasting model running on Amazon SageMaker

While ingesting third-party data unlocks deeper business insights, it can be complex to bring into your warehouse of existing models – and for many companies, working with PredictHQ is their first experience working with intelligent event data. 

Explore how to query and integrate features from this data into your forecasting models via AWS Sagemaker, Amazon’s cloud machine learning platform – and how one QSR customer determined which event categories impact their demand, improving forecasting accuracy (RMSE) by 20% in the whitepaper: Demand Intelligence Made Simple with PredictHQ Event Data via AWS Data Exchange and Amazon SageMaker. 

Access the free whitepaper today to discover how to combine PredictHQ's intelligent event data with Amazon SageMaker, along with its wide range of supported ML features and models, to achieve your data-driven business goals.