An Inside Look at our Go-To-Market Team's Growth

Published on August 06, 2019
Tyler Mihevc
VP of Sales

The first three months in a startup is always intense. But let me tell you, the first three months in a startup growing as fast as PredictHQ with so many massive companies inbounding is fantastically overwhelming.

To give you a sense of the pace of the company – on a recent short trip, Bryan Harris and I met with two of the top six largest companies globally by revenue; the largest global coffee company, and an amazing team from one of the largest global rideshare companies. The following day, we met with two of the largest airlines in the world.

And every single one of these companies reached out to us – that’s how unique and desperately needed our demand intelligence solution is.

Huge Customers

In the last quarter, we’ve signed up a record number of new customers. These include leading brands in grocery retail management; airlines; scooter sharing; on-demand food delivery; and autonomous vehicle programs. And a major company so distinctive I can’t even describe what they do without giving away who they are. These join our customer list that includes Uber,, Domino’s and several large companies in the aviation industry.

Growing Team

With such overwhelming growth and activity, we have sped up building out our go-to-market team so we can truly scale.  I joined the team at PredictHQ in March when the entire US team could fit in the same Uber. The team has since quadrupled, adding sales development reps to help build our outbound engine, new account executives and solution engineers to execute against pipeline. We’ve built our Customer Success function to work directly with our API subscribers to ensure they get to value  and production as quickly as possible.

Our commercial team now includes alumni from billion-dollar companies such as Okta, Medallia, New Relic, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Canva, Avi Networks, Tesla and Box. We’ve done amazing growth before – and we’re bringing everything we’ve learned to PredictHQ. Including how we support each other to develop our skills and create new opportunities to step up. We’re now at 30% women in the go-to-market team and committed to keep that heading upwards.

What’s Next?

Over in our New Zealand office, our data science and product team has grown to almost 50 and are gearing up to launch two major products in the next quarter. The first is Control Center, which will make our API even easier to explore for customers. The second is Aviation Rank, a breakthrough demand forecasting intelligence source custom-built for airlines as well as organizations that are impacted when events drive serious inbound traffic. We will be sharing more on this very soon.

This quarter is going to be a big one. This year is going to be a big one. And this company is going to be a big one.

We have some key roles in our sales and go-to-market team available, and will be looking to scale our team globally to match the needs of our customers, partners and the firehose of prospects.  We’re looking for great team members in both the Bay Area, as well as in Amsterdam for our new office.