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Live TV Events

Gain early access to our world-first technology that enables you to predict how Live TV will impact your business.

Live televised sporting events impact demand, yet there is no reliable source to track the 45,000 annual broadcasts in the US today.

Of people said COVID-19 had changed their viewing habits, with more staying home to watch TV.
A single college football game alone contributed to a 13% increase in pizza deliveries in Lake County, Chicago.
Of NFL viewers order in food for most or every game.

Build new dynamic business strategies with forecast grade historical and predicted TV viewership data

  • Track multiple locations

    One sports game could have high viewership and impact in many different cities or even nationally.

  • Forecast with confidence

    Use historical TV viewership to correlate your demand to TV Events and use our proprietary Predicted Viewership to add to your forecasting models.

  • Filter for relevancy

    Filter by city or county to access relevant data rather than by broad designated market areas (DMAs) used by other providers.

  • Use Predicted Viewership

    Our proprietary Predicted Viewershiptm can surge ~15% from an early to an end of regular season game for a team that is performing well.

  • Home vs. Away Games

    We track the strength of matchup based on the two teams competing using team rank, standing points, and more.

  • 2+ years historical data

    Historical TV events data is crucial for accurate forecasting. We have two years of forecast grade historical viewership data.

  • Expansive sports coverage

    Track the top US sports, including the NFL, NCAA D1 football and basketball, the NBA, the MLB, and the NHL.

  • Smarter access to the stay-at-home economy

    The current pandemic has fueled more people to stay home and watch TV and order food, groceries and more delivered.

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    Harness the power of demand intelligence

    Knowing the impact of demand causal factors like events will transform your business. The American Society of Hematology has a $45M estimated economic impact — and that's only one event in one city.

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