PredictHQ's Event Impact Ranking Technology

Your forecasting models and operations teams need to know which events matter most. But this is impossible to do manually at scale. PredictHQ has built a series of models to predict attendance and rank events by impact so you can quantify expected impact for each event.

Not all events are created equal

A major expo of 160,000 people is not the same as a 200-person community event. And the impact of a 5,000-person event is different in Aspen compared to New York. Our event ranking systems predict the impact of every event and assign each with a number on a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale.

Why Rankings Matter


Accurately Predict Demand

Global companies have a benchmark on event impact across regions or cities so they can understand true impact.

Identify Impact

Intelligent metadata can be used to filter real-world events to find which events matter the most.

Compare Impact

No matter where or when an event occurs, businesses have a true comparison point with a standard event ranking system.

Prioritize + Optimize

Event impact can be established quickly so businesses can decide how to focus resources.

Smarter Decisions

Ranking is key to the data enrichment process and helps businesses detect demand catalysts that are coming.

What goes into our ranks

PredictHQ's ranking models start by predicting an event’s impact, which vary widely. Venue capacity is not useful on its own. Our proprietary algorithms draw on years of verified data and associated entities such as performer popularities and performance, venue geographics, ticket sales history and more.

How they differ

A single event can have two different rankings, all of which are valuable in demand forecasting. For example, the Aspen Food Festival has a higher Local Rank™ given its location, as many people fly in for it.

  • PHQ Rank™
    Our core rank based on attendance.
  • Local Rank™
    Impact relative to location.
Our data pipeline

Event rankings enables forecast accuracy + scalability

Event rankings are critical data enrichment for our customers because they instantly reveal the most relevant and high impact events. Ranked events enable them to hone their demand forecasting and revenue strategies at scale.

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