Accurately identify the geographic area impacted by events that do not happen at a specific location or venue. Events such as hurricanes, marathons, and parades cover more than just a point on a map and can now be tracked using Polygons.

Why use polygons

Accurately identify the area impacted by an event

Insight into individual events is useful, but many types of events don’t occur neatly at a point on a map. Point event locations are represented by latitude and longitude coordinates. Area events impact a geographic area such as a region, state or an entire country, such as a severe weather event. When it comes to events such as hurricanes, tornados and more, the impact of an event is spread across an area. PredictHQ’s polygons enables you to see the full area impacted by an event represented as a shape. That means you will get a much more accurate picture of impact.
Polygon Accurately Identify
Control Center

Easily search and view areas impacted on a map

Use PredictHQ’s Control Center platform to search for areas impacted by an event. When searching for events impacting a radius, all polygons that overlap that area are returned. The map view enables you to easily visualize all areas impacted near your locations to better understand which locations will have upcoming demand impacted.
Control Center Search
API Access

Using the API to access Polygons

Polygons are returned in the API in the geo field through a GeoJSON format. We support three types of geometry in the field: point, polygon and multipolygon. There are two ways to search for events using the API. Similar to control center, you can search for events in a radius with the “within parameter” and any polygon events that overlap the radius are returned. Alternatively, you can use the place parameter. Polygon events are scoped to the cover the place hierarchies that the polygon spans.
    "geo": {
  "geometry": {
    "coordinates": [
        [ -92.55, 30.24 ],
        [ -92.539, 30.189 ],
        [ -92.6, 30.04 ],
        [ -92.75, 30.04 ],
        [ -92.66, 30.25 ],
        [ -92.55, 30.24 ] 
    "type": "Polygon"

Event Categories Impacted

Accurately track severe weather and school holidays

Currently we have Polygons for our severe weather and school holiday categories. For severe weather, think anything from a hurricane, to an air quality warning, to a flood. These types of events can impact a large area and move overtime. We track school holidays at the district-level in the US and UK and you can much more accurately track the impact of school holidays with polygons.
Polygon Accurately Track

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PredictHQ's Polygons were built to improve your forecasting and planning and to unlock revenue and efficiency opportunities for your business.


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Demand intelligence gets results

PredictHQ's customers include leading companies across a range of industries, including accommodation, transport, and retail. They're using our intelligent event data for labor optimization, demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, supply chain optimization and more.
Don't underestimate how much effort it takes to work with event data... Being able to rely on a company whose sole purpose is to remove the ambiguity of event data has been game-changing for us.
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Don’t be left in the dark

Harness the power of real-world events

Knowing the impact of incoming events will transform your business. RideLondon brings 280k people and $32 million to the city each year - and that's only one event.

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