Track the massive spending events drive with Predicted Event Spend

Predicted Event Spend is a powerful tool for businesses looking to capture and adjust their demand planning to match the incoming economic impact of events.

Why Predicted Event Spend?

PredictHQ’s Predicted Event Spend is a dollar figure that reflects the predicted amount of retail, accommodation, and transportation spending in a specific area as a result of a major event. At the core of this figure sits our market leading global event coverage, predicted event attendance, local accommodation demand, aviation demand, third party data and more to give you greater geographical context of the scale of the economic impact an event will have.

Predicted Event Spend demonstrates how individual or groupings of events drive massive spending on behalf of visitors and is a reflection of the total amount of additional spending within a defined area as a result of a specific event.

New York Fashion Week - Predicted Event Spend

Spending behavior changes depending on the event type

Our data has 19 unique event categories that can impact demand and spend in a variety of ways. This includes conferences, sports games, televised sports games, severe weather events and more. Some of these events will bring in more people from out of town for example that will impact accommodation spend more than local events that tend to have more local people attend. Think about how many non-local people the Super Bowl might bring in to a specific area versus a local sports game. With Predicted Event Spend, you can best understand the total amount of additional spending from a specific event.
Mardi Gras - Predicted Event Spend

Gain valuable insights you can use to make strategic decisions

Our core business is to collect, verify, and enrich data on events relevant to your business, so you can quickly unlock actionable insights. Understanding the dollar figure associated with these events makes it even easier to identify opportunities to maximize profitability.

Try our event data today, which includes predicted event spend for attended events. It’s simple, accurate, and free for up to three locations, forever.

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