We predict the spend events drive

PredictHQ's Predicted Event Spend is a dollar figure that reflects the predicted amount of hospitality, accommodation, and transportation spend in a specific area as a result of a major event, such as a concert, expo, or sports game.
What is Predicted Event Spend?

Accurately predict the economic impact of events

Events fuel billions of dollars in economic activity each year. Capitalize on the increase in demand and spend from events with Predicted Event Spend. Businesses leverage this insight to strategically allocate resources like staff and inventory and enhance their marketing strategies. Marketers, for instance, use it to target high-consumer-spending areas and times around events.

Predicted Event Spend integrated into PredictHQ's Daily Event Impact
Tap into event-based spending

Tap into consumer spend caused by events

Whether it’s hotel bookings before a big game, restaurant reservations after an expo, or Uber rides to and from a concert – event attendees leave an impact on nearby businesses. For instance, Volleyball Day 2023 set a record for women's sports event attendance and generated an economic impact of $7,793,012. Identify event-driven consumer spending and strategize to maximize your share of it.

Identify events driving local spending

Accurate figures based on event type

Spending patterns vary by event type and attendees. For instance, a family visiting the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater may book one hotel room, while corporate attendees at a Pittsburgh conference might each require individual rooms. Predicted Event Spend accounts for such nuances, delivering precise and relevant spending forecasts.

How it works

How the Predicted Event Spend model works

Our Predicted Event Spend model is built off of our leading event coverage and data enrichment which includes performer popularity, venue data and more. It is then powered by event attendance, global macro and microeconomic indicators, and the cost of goods and services across 7,000+ locations globally. It is rigorously tested against real-world data which guarantees accuracy and reliability.

Gain valuable insights you can use to make strategic decisions

Our core business is to collect, verify, and enrich data on events relevant to your business, so you can quickly unlock actionable insights. Understanding the dollar figure associated with these events makes it even easier to identify opportunities to maximize profitability.

Try our event data today, which includes predicted event spend for attended events. It’s simple, accurate, and free for up to two locations, forever.

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