Bye bye Web App – Hello Control Center

Published on July 22, 2019
Peter Jansen
Head of Product

The end is near for PredictHQ’s Web App – but don’t worry

Yes, we will be discontinuing our standalone Web App and removing it from our product offering as of August 21, 2019. API users will be completely unaffected by this change.

Everything we learned about search and discover functionality from the Web App has informed our new Control Center tool, which ALL API users have access to when it launches shortly. It’s lightning fast as well.

Doing the hard work to simplify life for data scientists and developers is the heart of PredictHQ’s approach. We have done it with event data, aggregating it from hundreds of sources and cleansing and verifying it all. We have done it through our unique ranking technology, which ranks every one of our 20 million events by predicted impact.

Why are we wrapping up the Web App

A key element of this simplification occurred back in 2016 – when we realized the best way for data scientists and developers to work with our data was through an API. We first launched the Web App in late 2015 when we thought customers wanted event visibility in a standalone SaaS platform.

However, we quickly realized the API’s value was much greater than this – customers wanted the power of event visibility within their data models, dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, and much more. This is when demand intelligence was born.

Here at PredictHQ we’ve built immensely complex systems required to aggregate, cleanse, enrich, and rank events. We detect and auto-delete spam, correct geo-coding issues, programmatically de-duplicate events and our proprietary ranking algorithms assign a numerical rank to every single event so you understand its potential impact – just to name a few of the heavy-lifting tasks we perform. And we make our 19+ categories worth of intelligent data accessible via a single easy-to-use RESTful API so users can get direct access to programmable data that allows for integration into their own environments.

We even created a data exporter that allows our customers to export events as JSON or CSV so data scientists and analysts can explore our events if they’re unable to use our API directly. Providing scalable demand intelligence has been where we’ve focused our energy and poured our efforts into over the years.

We’re proud to be a data-driven, API-first business that’s committed to giving our customers the best demand intelligence solution possible. This means we have decided to say goodbye to our Web App from the past. We will be sun-setting it from our product offering as of August 21, 2019

Hello Control Center

As we continue to evolve with our amazing customers, we see more and more opportunity to reduce friction to production. Part of this dissolves by enabling our customers one holistic view of their PredictHQ data and activity. This is why we’ve designed Control Center and will be launching it soon.

Control Center is a big step forward. Every API subscriber will be able to access their Control Center with all the tools you need in one place. It enables:

  • Smoother collaboration between product managers, data scientists and developers using PredictHQ’s demand intelligence to improve forecasting accuracy.

  • A summary of your PredictHQ subscription so you know the extent of your event visibility, coverage across cities and categories.

  • The ability to quickly take advantage of our APIs many features and create clean code with our new API explorer

  • A new lightning fast way of searching for and discovering events. Unlike the old Web App, our new search and discover feature won’t be bloated with projects and tasks. Because these are better managed by the SaaS products you use everyday such as Trello or Asana.

Control Center means anyone who has an account to quickly search and discover events via a list, calendar or map view. We will continue to evolve this tool with new features being released towards the end of the year.


How does this affect me?

We are only removing support and access for the Web App. The search functionality of the Web App will be available for all API users in the new Control Center.

If you are trialing our API or have an API subscription your API access will be completely unaffected. You will still be able to log in with your current login and password. Your API clients or tokens won’t be affected.

If you only have a Web App subscription, you will need to save any projects you wish to keep. Please ensure that you transfer them to another program prior to August 21, 2019.