FuturMaster and PredictHQ Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Supply Chain Planning with Demand Intelligence

Published on December 12, 2023

Paris, France / San Francisco, USA – 12 December 2023 – FuturMaster, a global leader in Supply Chain Planning, and PredictHQ, the pioneer in demand intelligence, today announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to transform the future of supply chain planning by integrating FuturMaster's advanced Bloom Demand Planning solution with PredictHQ's demand intelligence API.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions in Supply Chains

FuturMaster's Bloom Demand Planning solution, lately enhanced with Forecast at Scale technology which combines Machine Learning with big data processing capabilities, will now leverage PredictHQ's comprehensive event data. This integration enables businesses to anticipate demand fluctuations caused by both scheduled and unscheduled events. This synergy will allow for even more accurate and adaptive demand planning, crucial in today's volatile market environment.

A Leap Forward for FuturMaster's Clients

Clients utilizing FuturMaster's solutions can now benefit from PredictHQ's verified and ranked event data and intelligence, covering 19 categories and sourced from over 350 distinct sources. This includes events such as concerts, severe weather, sports games, school holidays and more that can have a significant impact on demand and supply chains. This collaboration ensures that businesses are equipped with the most accurate representation of events impacting demand, enabling more responsive and profitable supply chain strategies.

Gilles Lefebvre, Chief Product and R&D Officer at FuturMaster, states, "Our partnership with PredictHQ marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower businesses with the best in supply chain planning. By integrating PredictHQ's demand intelligence into our Bloom platform, we're set to offer unprecedented levels of forecast accuracy and business agility."

Campbell Brown, CEO of PredictHQ, adds, "We're excited to partner with FuturMaster, a company that shares our vision of harnessing the power of accurate and unique data for business growth. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing the most comprehensive demand intelligence in the market."

About FuturMaster

FuturMaster is a leading software vendor specializing in Supply Chain Planning and Trade Promotion Management & Optimization (TPx) solutions. With its Bloom platform, FuturMaster aids businesses in ‘unleashing’ supply chain complexities to drive growth, agility, resilience, and performance. For more information, visit www.futurmaster.com.

About PredictHQ

PredictHQ is a leading demand intelligence company, offering an API that aggregates, verifies, enriches, and ranks events by predicted impact. PredictHQ empowers organizations globally to proactively anticipate changes in demand for their products and services. For more information, visit www.predicthq.com.

Media Contacts:

FuturMaster: Nairi Kurdoghlian, VP of Marketing, nkurdoghlian@futurmaster.com

PredictHQ: Maeva Riley, VP of Marketing, media@predicthq.com