High Impact Events in November 2019

Published on October 16, 2019
Dr. Xuxu Wang
Chief Data Officer

For the last year, we have posted a selection of some high-impact events for airlines and aviation companies each month. This is to enable demand forecasting teams who don’t have access to our API yet to include some of the highest impact events in their plans.

While the major impact events for aviation are also a strong indicator for accommodation demand spikes, there are tens of thousands more major impact events every month worth exploring.

This month, we have extended the report with a new section include a selection of major impact events more broadly.

Analysis of Airline Booking Patterns and Events Impact

With more than 120,000 attendees and 5,100 exhibitors attending from 70 countries, the MEDICA conference in Dusselfdorf is a not-to-be-missed event for airline revenue analysts.

It’s among the biggest events in November, which also include the US F1 Grand Prix. But smaller events can spark significant air travel also, especially if it’s a leading event. For example, Shanghai World of Packaging draws a crowd of 30,000, but the majority of these will be flying in as it is a leading international trade fair for packaging materials.

Our Predicted Impactful Events for Airlines

The following table highlights events that we expect to have a high potential impact on air travel patterns during November 2019.

DateLocationEvent NameExpected Attendance
1 – 3 NovAustin, USAUS F1 Grand Prix258000
2 – 6 NovPhiladelphia, USANACS Show13000
4 – 8 NovVillepinte, FranceBATIMAT Festival270000
November 6Victoria, AustraliaMelbourne Cup Day100000
8 – 10 NovOrlando, USEDC Orlando110000
18 – 20 November 2019Dusseldorf, GermanyMedica120000
17 -21 NovDubai, UAEDubai Airshow80000
25 -28 NovShanghai ChinaShanghai World of Packaging30000

Last month, PredictHQ launched our first-ever industry customized rank – crafted specifically to identify at scale the many thousands of events that drive ticket bookings. Aviation Rank is a crucial tool for airlines or businesses that target visitors such as transport and accommodation.

Three Impactful but Easy-to-Miss Events to Track in November 2019

Moto3 2019 – Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 PHQ Rank: 92 Local Rank: 100 Aviation Rank: 53

Selangor, Malaysia, will welcome thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts for its annual Grand Prix. This is a good example of a major impact event that wouldn’t turn up if someone was searching for high ranking Aviation Rank events alone.

This is pairing of a moderate Aviation Rank and the maximum Local Rank indicates many will be traveling in for the event, just not by plane. Accommodation, retail and transport companies should be adjusting their plans accordingly.

International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Application in Kerala PHQ Rank: 30 Local Rank: 94 Aviation Rank: 0

In November, an international engineering conference for university researchers will have multiple meetings across the world. While a smaller event, the meeting in Kerala, India is set to have a major impact on its location with a Local Rank of 94.

This is a particularly unique case where the very high local rank is due to venue being a reasonably remote resort. For other meetings for this event, the pattern is consistent but difference between PHQ Rank and Local Rank is less extreme.

These high-impact local events have huge potential for transport, retail and particularly food retail providers near their venue. It’s a result we see often for performing arts events, where the event’s PHQ Rank score is notably lower than its Local Rank score such as these upcoming events in November:

PredictHQ customers can use our Radial Search feature to identify which of their outlets are closest to event venues so they can adjust their supply chain and staffing for the peak period to ensure they capture as much of this demand peak as possible.

PHQ Rank: 62 Local Rank: 79  Aviation Rank: 72

More than 4,000 people will gather in Houston, Texas to discuss allergies, asthma and immunology at this annual conference. While a smaller event according to its general rank, its high Aviation Rank score indicates the majority of attendees will be flying in for it.

This is valuable demand intelligence for airlines, but also for businesses that cater to visitors of a city such as hoteliers, cafes and restaurants as well as fast-moving consumer goods stores and transport companies.

There are thousands of high impact events every month. PredictHQ is the only reliable global source of this demand intelligence. We cover 20 million events across 30,000 cities and cover conferences, sports games, expos, severe weather and more than ten other categories of event.