Introducing our partnership with Dewey

Published on March 07, 2023

Every week, our team receives emails from academics and students seeking to use our event data in their research and today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Dewey platform to enable people to access and use high-quality event data in their research.

Dewey is a platform and marketplace that academic institutions use to provide their students, researchers and staff with high-value research data from a variety of sources. Like us, many data providers want to share their data to researchers, but have so much data that simply sharing the firehose of it with academics is not helpful, and it can be costly to customize and set up access for each request. 

That’s where our partnership with Dewey comes in. We’ve provided three distinct sample data sets for California from 2020 to 2023 for different event types (seeing the listings here). These include:

  • All listed events i.e. sports, concerts, festivals, conferences, expos, community events, performing arts.

  • Non-attended events such as school holidays, academic dates, public holidays and more.

  • Unscheduled events such as severe weather, natural disasters, terror events and health warnings - this data set is for the US and Canada, not just California.

As companies and cities identify the extent of the impact events have on people movement and demand, they discover the ability for better planning. Whether that’s for public transport routes by city and state leaders, smarter staffing by companies or one of thousands of other interesting applications, we are pleased to be sharing our data with academic institutions via Dewey.

Discover the datasets here.