Product and Business Highlights 2018

Published on December 21, 2018
Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

A brief look back at 2018

2018 was a huge year for us here at PredictHQ. From releasing a number of new features and tools like Local Rank, RelevanceData Exporter and most recently Brand Safe (just to name a few), to detecting and eliminating spam. We’re proud to have also expanded the number of use cases our API serves for businesses from around the world. These include demand forecasting, demand generation and content-related use cases too.

We also introduced a new monthly Aviation Insights series to our blog. We even attended big expos like GBTA and the Aviation Festival decked out in our R2D2 suits.


But the ultimate icing on the cake for 2018?

We closed out our $10M Series A funding to double down on our vision of helping brands anticipate demand generated by real-world events so they can respond ahead of customer needs. 

Looking forward to 2019

So, what does next year hold for PredictHQ and our customers? Well, our roadmap is packed full of product development which continues to expand on the value of our platform. We’re working on features that we know our customers will find immensely intuitive, scalable and relevant. Although we can’t tell you everything we’re working on (since we don’t want to spoil the surprise), we can let you in on three top priority developments which have been highly requested by our customers.

Recurring events

This involves linking repeating events with their past and future occurrences. It will be particularly useful for demand forecasting because businesses can attribute historic demand to specific events which allows for much more accurate predictions of future demand. Sometimes large events change dates, location or both. That can disrupt demand forecasting algorithms but knowing about those changes beforehand means businesses can be better prepared.

Umbrella events

We’re working on the ability to correctly handle and represent events that belong under an overarching event e.g. a festival as the umbrella event and the individual performances under it. Some businesses are only interested in the umbrella event whereas others are more interested in the individual events under it. Sometimes perhaps both. This feature update will help identify umbrella events versus the smaller events that happen within it.

Aviation Rank

We currently provide a PHQ Rank and a Local Rank for events. These ranks are useful across a broad range of businesses but they aren’t tailored for specific sectors or industries. Therefore the first (of many) industry-specific rank that we’ve been working on is an Aviation Rank. It will be specifically optimized for the air travel industry and identifies events that have an impact on flight demand.

Join our mission

We look forward to delivering you these exciting new product developments and more, in 2019. These projects are complex challenges to solve but we have no doubt that they will be immensely useful for our customers. If you’re intrigued by our journey and want to be part of the team that’s leading demand intelligence, be sure to check out our current open positions. We have roles to fill for our offices in New Zealand and United States.

Happy holiday season everyone!