Media Release: Zartico Partners with Demand Intelligence Company PredictHQ to Offer DMOs Event Data

Published on July 08, 2021

Zartico Partners with Demand Intelligence Company PredictHQ to Offer DMOs Intelligent Event Data

SAN FRANCISCO –  July 8, 2021 –Zartico and PredictHQ have entered into a unique strategic partnership that provides Zartico clients with the ability to derive meaningful insights from their local events, festivals, concerts, sporting venues and parades.  

The agreement brings together two influential service providers serving the destination marketing and economic development industry. The pairing of PredictHQ’s intelligent event data with Zartico’s operating system allows DMOs to see an average of eight times more events in their community and their contribution to the local visitor economy. 

PredictHQ works by aggregating and verifying more than two billion data points to enrich nearly 25 million events across 30,000 cities worldwide into an API. The technology gives businesses an advantage on their competition by allowing them to better predict which future events will drive demand. By correlating their historical demand with events, PredictHQ enables companies to focus on the exact causes behind fluctuations in demand.

Zartico clients will have access to all 19 categories of PredictHQ’s global intelligence event data and demand intelligence effective July 1, 2021.   

Darren Dunn, President of Zartico, said, With events coming back in such a huge way this summer, it is vitally important for destinations to monitor and track their value to the community. PredictHQ not only has the largest database of global events, they’re able to segment them out by category, allowing the DMO to see if a festival or a convention had a greater positive impact for the residents and visitors. Zartico clients are able to see the holistic effect beyond just a hotel room bed night.”  

 PredictHQ cofounder and CEO Campbell Brown said, “Understanding how events from sports and conferences to severe weather and school holidays is critical for businesses looking to bounce back from the pandemic and make their planning more proactive and resilient. Zartico is transforming how DMOs operate, and we’re excited to have our demand intelligence as part of their offering.”


About Zartico

Zartico’s Purpose: We believe tourism is a force for good because it builds connection, understanding, and appreciation of our world’s cultures, history and natural resources. We believe data and the right metrics allow us to make better decisions because transparent data helps focus on the right issues and problems and therefore, solutions, to be better stewards of our world's most precious destinations. 

Zartico’s Mission: Our mission is to empower countries, states and cities to be better stewards of the world’s tourist destinations through improved data intelligence and decision-making. With a full spectrum of data science, benchmarking and analytical services, Zartico’s Destination Intelligence Platform harnesses and streamlines complex data for global destination management organizations to use in marketing, community development and sustainability efforts. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Zartico team has over thirty years of experience in technology, tourism, and destination and travel marketing.

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About PredictHQ

PredictHQ, the demand intelligence company, empowers global organizations to anticipate changes in demand for their products and services. PredictHQ’s demand intelligence API aggregates events from hundreds of sources and verifies, enriches, and ranks them by predicted impact so companies can proactively discover catalysts that will impact demand. With PredictHQ, businesses gain a leg up on the competition and remain confident in their ability to meet customers’ ever-changing needs.

Information on Data Sources

PredictHQ draws on data from hundreds of sources, ranging from industry specific proprietary sources through to ticketing data sources as well as our own aggregators. But sourcing the data is only the beginning. PredictHQ has built more than 1,000 machine learning models that aggregate, standardize and verify our event data, as well as enriching each event with features such as predicted attendance.

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