How Much Time Do You Waste Searching for Events?

Campbell Brown
CEO & Co-Founder

Searching for events – easy, right?

Well, sure. A Google search here for an event at some location, a Google search there for more events at another location but then a hundred searches later, who could blame you if you were left thinking to yourself, “there’s got to be a more efficient way”.

You’re well aware that events have the ability to affect your business’s revenue. You rely on knowing when a big event is coming up so you can prepare your marketing campaigns and promotions, or increase your pricing for that date period, perhaps better manage your staff roster.

Events impact demand.

You know this.

We know this too.

We also know that searching for events from a number of different sources then manually capturing and entering them one by one into your own database (or worse an Excel spreadsheet) tends to be the norm. But when you’re doing things that way, it’s so easy to miss major events. Especially when they’re happening in other countries. Even if you do have a pretty good grasp on where the major events are happening, how about when there’s a cluster of events happening at the same time, around the same location which when combined impact your business? For example, the Fourth of July (public holiday) and the New York Yankees are set to have a big match at Yankee Stadium, with Katy Perry having a concert just over at Madison Square Garden. Plus it’s also the Summer School Holidays. It’s the “perfect storm” as we call it.

Furthermore, knowing when and where events are happening is one thing. Maintaining those efforts year after year is a whole other kettle of fish. There’s so many things you need to get right. Making sure you categorize the events properly, accounting for different time zones, making sure you don’t have duplicates. Plus how do you even identify an event to be more significant than others? Heck, even just remembering that the event is coming up can be a challenge at times. It’s actually a lot of work when you think about it and a lot of time wasted trying to manage it all.

So, why should such a common onerous process remain that way? There’s a very simple answer. It shouldn’t.

This is what PredictHQ is here to help you with. We do all that hard work for you and go well beyond just capturing one dimensional traditional events such as, concerts, sports or conferences. In fact we capture 19 categories of events. You can search for events from around the world via our API at either a country, state/region or city level.

Ways you save time using PredictHQ


Our API is for developers who want to create applications and custom integrations using our event intelligence.

  • Using our RESTful API, you can integrate it into your own applications and products as a single reliable source of event data.

  • Our authentication process is easy. We use the OAuth 2.0 standard.

  • There are various ways you can search for events which include radial, place or by IATA codes.

  • All events have a numeric ranking so you can cut through the noise and filter by major or more minor events.

  • Hierarchies are already accounted for with geographical scope e.g. an event that occurs at a country level (administrative level 0) vs events that happen at a region or city level (administrative level 1).

  • We aggregate events from a number of different sources and handle the de-duping, enriching and ranking process too so that you get access to a broad, meaningful dataset to work with.

Read our documentation

That’s just a taster of what PredictHQ has to offer. So, if you’re looking for a smarter way of searching for events and tapping into our event intelligence start your free trial today.