See ya later, Beta

Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

It’s official. We’re now out of Beta.

It’s been quite the journey since we first entered our Beta period back in mid September 2015.

We launched our new website, Web App, API and FOCUS during this time. Continuously improving each product with all the testing and feedback we’ve received. This has lead to some fantastic new features such as Same-Day Saved Search Notifications and Time Zone displays, starring events, Event Signals improvements and even Slack and HipChat integrations.

The most noticeable change now that we’re out of Beta is that we’ve revealed our Web App pricing plans. So, if you want to upgrade from your free Web App plan that only has a 7 day event visibility window, to a paid account with much wider event visibility windows, you can.

In reality though, you probably won’t notice much else all that different now that we’re officially out of Beta.

There’s plenty of exciting new developments in our pipelines, especially in our API space. Tying weather to events. Further Event Signals improvements and perhaps one of our biggest projects to date – people movement, just to name a few. One of our biggest feature requests for the web app is to be able to add your own events, and we’re pleased to announce to our users in 918 cities (and growing) that this is also on its way soon. So, definitely keep an eye on this space.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have supported us over this intense past year. We look forward to delivering more exciting releases and continuing to dominate the event intelligence space.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback, leave us a comment or contact us.