The Sphere in Las Vegas: Economic growth driven by live events

Published on October 30, 2023
Valerie Williams
Senior Content Marketing Manager

In recent years, businesses have grappled with a myriad of challenges, from labor shortages to unprecedented supply chain disruptions. For many, these hurdles have translated into unpredictable demand patterns, making planning and resource allocation a perpetual juggling act. But amidst this uncertainty, the emergence of new venues and attractions in cities worldwide is transforming the way we think about economic resilience.

Cities Taking Control of Their Economies

Las Vegas, a city synonymous with entertainment and tourism, has long been at the forefront of this trend. The launch of The Sphere – a massive, futuristic, globe-shaped event venue – is a testament to the city's commitment to solidify its status as a global economic powerhouse. 

The Sphere is estimated to unleash a tidal wave of economic activity, infusing over $730 million annually into the local economy, and creating more than 4,400 permanent new jobs in the region. Given that The Sphere cost $2.3 billion to build, it’s no surprise that advertising rates on the venue are upwards of $650,000 weekly.

The state-of-the-art venue opened with a 25-show concert residency, for the popular and timeless Irish Rock band U2,  of which every single show has been sold out. The residency has been such a popular attraction that the band has extended their run to 36 shows playing through February 2024 – for now. Events of this scale demonstrate why The Sphere is set to become a focal point of economic activity for the area, attracting major events and millions of visitors annually.

For just one of U2’s scheduled shows on December 13, attendees are predicted to spend a whopping $994,109 on local accommodation, restaurants, and transportation:

  • Accommodation: $143,986

  • Transportation: $222,061

  • Restaurants: $628,062

Multiply this local spending by 36 shows, and you start to get an idea of the economic impact events at The Sphere will have on local businesses and sustained economic growth. Such grand gatherings aren't just a testament to Las Vegas' allure, but also a testament to the remarkable economic prospects attended events such as concerts, festivals, expos, and more bring to a city. 

Events Drive Massive Spending Across All Industries

The Sphere in Las Vegas is not an isolated case; it's part of a global phenomenon where events act as economic catalysts. Concerts, expos, sports events, and conventions are magnets for global visitors who are ready to spend generously on local businesses. These events fuel the hospitality sector, restaurants, transportation services, and an array of other industries.

The Las Vegas Strip was already a goldmine for businesses capitalizing on event-driven spending. With the advent of The Sphere, this spending is poised to skyrocket. The venue, a brand new center of activity, will draw millions, driving consumer spending to new heights. 

Again, this is just one example of a major event at one new venue – the economic impact of attendance-based events expands far beyond The Sphere, and massive 36-show residencies by global superstars. Surges in consumer demand and spending are also caused by lesser-known, smaller events, and the effect of compounding events taking place within certain areas at the same time.

Predicted Event Spend: A Crystal Ball for Businesses

We mentioned the predicted spend by concert goers above, but where do these figures come from? PredictHQ’s Predicted Event Spend represents a dollar figure that reflects the predicted amount of retail, accommodation, and transportation spending in a specific area as a result of a major event.  It offers insights to guide data-driven decisions about resource allocation, marketing, and pricing.

For example, with this data, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies, allocating their budgets to precisely target areas and times when consumer spending is at its peak. Conversely, marketing teams can create campaigns during low-demand periods to boost revenue. Imagine the potential savings for marketers who can optimize their campaigns for maximum impact and return on investment.

Predicted Event Spend: A Global Offering

The beauty of Predicted Event Spend is that it's not limited to a single city or venue. This tool is available for events attended across the globe. For businesses, this means the ability to capitalize on major events, regardless of their location, to optimize marketing, pricing, staffing, and overall operations in 2024 and beyond.

So, as The Sphere prepares to make its debut in Las Vegas, and as major events around the world continue to shape the global economy, businesses can now empower themselves with reliable insights into location-based economic activity with Predicted Event Spend. 

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Use Predicted Event Spend to track the economic impact of events near you

In a dynamic world where economic conditions and customer preferences are constantly evolving, businesses that embrace innovative solutions will be the ones that thrive. Join the ranks of leading businesses across industries using event data to embrace the transformative potential of events on their bottom line.

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