The technology behind recurring events

Andrei Bizovi
Senior Product Manager

Recurring events include events that recur each year on the same day such as Christmas Day – or, they could be events that recur each year but change date and potentially location, such as conferences like the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.

Recurring events is a critical tool that improves demand forecasting and planning for PredictHQ users. For example, understanding what impacted you when a recurring event happened in 2019 makes it easier to plan ahead for the event in 2022, or following years.

Recurring events help us identify gaps in our data, especially for large events efficiently and at scale. Data from recurring event groups is used to fill in data gaps so individual events can be accurately ranked. It also reduces the amount of manual effort and time that the DA team spends creating and linking recurring events.

The recurring events feature provides a link between recurrences of the same event. As well as being able to see that an event is recurring, it also enables users to find all recurrences of the same event. Explore the technical details that power the machine learning models which find and link recurring events in the free whitepaper, The technology behind recurring events.