Updates to our web application

Published on July 06, 2023

Set a default location for Location Insights 

Location Insights allows you to see how events impact your business location such as hotels, stores or restaurants. In Location Insights you can now set a default location for search and daily event impact. Set your default location by clicking on the 3 dots next to the location, and clicking on "Set default location". This setting is remembered per user, and can be cleared or changed at any time. For example, in the screenshot below, it shows Boston has been selected as the default location.


Learn more about this feature Control Center help documentation.

Sort by new fields

Powered by PredictHQ’s advanced machine learning models, predicted attendance for attendance-based events shows you how many people we predict are going to attend an event in advance of when it happens. 

To give you more control over sorting your search results in our web application, we have added the ability to sort by predicted attendance. Previously, you could sort by rank, but not attendance. Since our event rankings are capped at 100, some events have the same rank. Sorting by predicted attendance makes it easier to see which events are more impactful based on the volume of people that will be there. You can also now sort by attendance in the API as well: sort on phq_attendance to sort by this value in the API.


PredictHQ ingests events from hundreds of different providers, infers, and creates events. Our pipeline then aggregates, enriches, enhances, and cleanses data to ensure quality and accuracy. Date added refers to the date that we first ingested the event from a provider and added it to our system. Sorting by the latest date added shows you the events that have been most recently added to our system. You can also sort by this field in the API, where it’s called first_seen.


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