Optimand leverages event data to increase direct bookings for luxury hotel groups

“We struggled for years to find a reliable, scalable method to capture the impact of local events on hotel demand and pricing. With PredictHQ event data, we found the missing puzzle piece we needed to create a more robust and truly comprehensive solution. The integration has been a game changer for both our platform and our clients. ”
Giuseppe Paolelli
CEO & Co-Founder

Since integrating PredictHQ data into their platform, Optimand has seen a 100% increase in revenue

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Introducing Optimand: A game-changer in the hospitality industry since 2016

With its pioneering real-demand analytics and business intelligence, Optimand revolutionized the industry, addressing the lack of a comprehensive intelligence platform for accommodation businesses. By seamlessly integrating hotel room web searches into revenue management models and predictive analytics, Optimand provides hotels with the data and tools they need to improve website performance and drive more conversions.

Led by CEO & Co-Founder Giuseppe Paolelli, Optimand started out with a focus on three crucial factors that drive hospitality demand and business intelligence:

  • Events: Local attended events such as concerts, sports, conferences, and more typically have a direct impact on booking rates and inventory for centrally-located hotels.

  • Pickup vs last year: The amount of rooms booked or money generated by a hotel on a certain date compared to that same date last year, which indicates future demand.

  • Pricing trends: The patterns and shifts in a hotel’s room rates over time, caused by seasonal variations, demand fluctuations caused by events, and adaptations in reaction to competitor rates or economic conditions. 

What was missing from this formula was the booking intention, which Optimand integrated by correlating live web searches for hotel rooms. Combining events, pickup versus last year, pricing trends, and live web searches was the key to unlocking higher conversions in the space.

“The key to success in the dynamic and highly competitive hospitality industry is to understand the interplay between events, pickup rates, pricing trends, and booking intent. By analyzing these factors, hotels can make informed decisions that optimize digital marketing and revenue management strategies.”
Giuseppe Paolelli
CEO & Co-Founder

To create a user-friendly platform, Optimand integrates various data sources with live web searches, and provides tools to help drive profitability. Serving major hotel brands globally, Optimand continues to innovate with new capabilities, such as enabling users to trigger secret booking rates based on user behavior and several preselected criteria. This allows precise audience targeting, shifting demand from third parties to direct channels. Unlike other web analytics platforms, Optimand enables personalized offers for individual site visitors before they make bookings, maximizing conversions and revenue. The outcome is a distinctive platform that is tailored for the hospitality industry that provides demand insights to some of the largest hotel brands across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Taking hotel business intelligence to the next level with intelligent event data

What Optimand and PredictHQ had in common is that customers from both companies hold invaluable information that was not properly being tracked. Through the global impact of the pandemic, both companies understood how this information—if captured at the right moment—can impact profitability immediately. As Paolelli notes, integrating intelligent event data was a critical step in unlocking their platform’s full potential. 

“We struggled for years to find a reliable, scalable method to capture the impact of local events on hotel demand and pricing. With PredictHQ event data, we found the missing puzzle piece we needed to create a more robust and truly comprehensive solution. The integration has been a game changer for both our platform and our clients.”
Giuseppe Paolelli
CEO & Co-Founder

Users can access PredictHQ event data within the Optimand platform in a variety of ways, such as a list of events, a map, a heat map, a list of clustered events, and more – so you can easily see the correlation between your demand, and local events.

With insight into historical and future events, Optimand users are able to compare peak demand periods with events taking place, and use this data to enhance their targeted marketing, digital campaigns, and personalized offers. For example, platform users can refer to the calendar view to take a quick glance at a variety of different metrics at once: 

Optimand events

Let’s say you’re a revenue manager who wants to see what the demand is for a room on July 14, 2023. Within the Optimand platform, you have access to: 

  • Website Demand: How many people have searched for a room for that night in particular

  • Website Rooms Sold: How many of these people searching actually converted

  • PMS Rooms Pickup: The number of rooms sold over the last two weeks in the property management system, from third party websites, and your own booking system

  • Pricing Trends: How competitor pricing has been moving over a designated period of time

  • Event Impact: The number of people attending events on a given night

This information is used not only to confirm different variables that explain what’s actually happening around the hotel, but once events are announced, you can also further explore the correlation between events and demand for your hotel rooms.

Optimand UI screens

Looking at the events calendar six months ahead of time is the best way to proactively adjust rates and confirm the optimal rates as major event dates approach. Even if your property won’t see increased bookings as a result of an upcoming event, you can still anticipate events to impact your inventory levels as the event dates get closer. In other words, on nights with events, your rate will still be higher than usual – because there are thousands more event attendees in town compared to a night where there are no events taking place.


While it’s one of many variables that contributes to their success, and that of their customers, intelligent event data is a key element to the Optimand platform. Since integrating PredictHQ data into their new dashboards, Optimand has seen a massive increase in forecasted growth over the past year:


Since integrating PredictHQ data into their platform, Optimand has seen a 100% increase in revenue

The importance of customized data for major hotel groups

Serving a client base of 4 and 5 star hotel groups across the globe means Optimand’s typical customer has several different departments within their organization, each with various personas that need different data points to best perform their duties. It’s been key for Optimand to provide ways for different functions, such as ecommerce, marketing, revenue operations, and more to be able to personalize dashboards depending on what type of data they want to see.

Optimand Web Analytics

For example, a digital marketing manager can pick their hotel, and simply drag and drop the different elements to include in a custom dashboard to quickly identify:

  • How many inquiries come in from certain marketing channels

  • Booking intent, or the number of searches for a hotel room on a certain night

  • Qualified demand for target periods

  • And much more

Using Optimand, you’d also be able to trigger dedicated rate codes for selected referrals and UTM campaigns, then use personalized offers to increase conversions. For example, you can create campaigns with pricing for users from Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Meanwhile, a revenue manager may want to assemble a completely different dashboard with data points more relevant to their department goals. Armed with this insight, hotels globally are making data-driven decisions, including: 

  • Protecting high-demand nights by increasing minimum lengths of stay

  • Activating and deactivating promotions on their website based on booking thresholds

  • Increasing bookings by targeting specific customers with custom room rates

  • Boosting ad spend such as paid social media and Google ads for slow months in advance

  • Immediately monitoring whether marketing campaigns are generating revenue for the stay period as soon as campaigns are launched

In the dynamic world, real-time event visibility is key

Responding quickly to event announcements is essential, as the window of opportunity is very narrow. With just a 24-hour window to react, the ability to identify and quickly act on events that will impact pricing and demand is the difference between a wildly profitable night, and a hotel fully booked with under-priced rooms.

“If there is a new event announced, you have about 24 hours to react. You may easily pick up 30% overnight before even realizing a new event has been announced, which is why it’s mission-critical for hoteliers to be aware of impactful events as soon as they’re released.”
Giuseppe Paolelli
CEO & Co-Founder

The opportunity of local events represents tens of thousands of dollars in revenue hotels can earn on a given night – which for accommodation providers in busy cities, represents countless opportunities each year. By surfacing detailed event insights in their platform, Optimand is helping their users capitalize on every opportunity. 

Access to the right data gives hotel operators the confidence to act on what’s happening around them. As recovery continues around the world and demand bounces back to pre pandemic levels, PredictHQ data gives them the necessary insight to more effectively price and plan. Optimand plans to continue powering data-driven decisions for the accommodation industry by merging new datasets and developing new strategic partnerships – enabling even more granular web analytics for accommodation providers.

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