An Intelligent Global Event Database in a Single API

Minimize the hassle of configuring a database and access millions of events using PredictHQ’s API

A database of events. All in one place.

Multiple data streams in one API

Creating and maintaining a detailed database of accurate event data is a consuming task. Event sourcing is crucial when building a database and it usually requires a large amount of manual effort and time. In fact, data scientists spend 40% of their time gathering and cleaning data. And even if you have dedicated teams for this, event maintenance and record storage is another task that presents many challenges. Event data is dynamic - postponements happen, attendance count increases, venues change - and that makes it hard for teams to obtain real time data that they can use in any demand forecasting models.

PredictHQ aggregates, verifies and maintain millions of unique event data points in one demand intelligence API that is updated every minute so you can stay ahead of the curve and not worry about sustaining an event database. You can find events in real time using our API search feature or see a graph of the total impact of cancelled events by day in Control Center.

Ranking event impact to improve anomaly detection and analysis

Not sure which events matter most in a database? Don’t worry - we’ve sorted them for you.

Sourcing events into a configured database is just the first step to understanding how events impact your bottom line. PredictHQ has created the only verified and ranked intelligent event data source that can be used to better train your forecasting models.

Event ranking is a key part of the data intelligence process. Honing in on the most impactful events allows businesses to find correlation between historical business demand and real-world event data. Once you identify historical demand anomalies caused by events, train your models to better predict them next time so you can be better prepared.

Customer Stories

Integrate PredictHQ into your aviation data and get results

Learn how customers are integrating demand intelligence into their aviation data and seeing value.
Don't underestimate how much effort it takes to work with event data... Being able to rely on a company whose sole purpose is to remove the ambiguity of event data has been game-changing for us.
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Creating an intelligent database of events

One event is not like the other

Attempting to manually track events in a database isn't reliable or scalable. And you'll be missing out on breaking events and real-time event updates that will impact your bottom line. PredictHQ allows you to stay informed of all real-world events that could cause demand impact. We aggregate, cleanse, and enrich millions of events that span across 18+ major event categories, including both scheduled events and unscheduled events. This real time event data is all stored in our feature-rich demand intelligence API that you can access is seconds. Now you can quickly search for events in numerous ways - using airport IATA codes, geographical radius, or multiple location and category queries. Teams can lookup events and get JSON responses and integrate our data with any platform - we currently have Python and JavaScript SDKs available. We use the OAuth 2.0 standard for authentication, and access tokens are required to grant application access to the tools available on the API.

You can’t prepare for what you don’t see coming

Harness the power of demand intelligence

Knowing the impact of demand causal factors like events will transform your business. The American Society of Hematology has a $45M estimated economic impact — and that's only one event in one city.

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