Does PredictHQ have historical event data?

Yep, we sure do.

It does vary though, how far back our events go. This is because PredictHQ aggregates events from a large number of different sources. Therefore, how far events date back varies between categories and locations.

As a general guide:

  • Politics goes all the way back to 2000.

  • Concerts, sports, expos, public holidays, observances, performing arts, community, disasters, severe weather and daylight savings goes back to around 2011.

  • Terror goes back to around 2012.

  • Festivals and school holidays go back to around 2013.

  • Conferences and airport delays go back to around 2014. 

How far back and how far forward you can search and return events depends on your event visibility. You have access to 90 days of historical data if you are using a developer plan. If you are using a Premium Plan, the amount of historical data you have access to depends on your specific selections. If you need access to more historical data, reach out to our team here.