Getting Started with Control Center (Web UI)

How to Get Started

Learn how to get set up and start tracking all events impacting your business locations within minutes.

How to View Event Details

Learn how to quickly access all details about any global events including start/end times, predicted attendance, and more.

How to Search And Export Events

Learn how to search for any type of event (sports, conferences, school holidays, severe weather, and much more) occurring anywhere in the world. Also, how to quickly export event data for use outside of the PredictHQ platform.

How to Set Up Event Notifications

It’s easy to stay alert about important events. Learn how to quickly set up notifications for when events change locations, dates, details, or when there are new events that match your specified criteria. You can also set up alerts for when total event attendance in a specified area crosses a designated threshold.

Learn how to quickly and easily use this powerful analytics tool to measure the daily impact of selected events within any specific location.