Export events data from Control Center

The data exporter allows you to export our events data in CSV or JSONL format directly from control center search, enabling you to use this data locally on your computer, or for other use cases. It’s easy to get started.

What’s supported?

PredictHQ currently supports the export of real-world events and TV events.

How can I export data?

  1. Visit the search feature within Control Center

  2. Search for events with the filters and ranges you want to be applied.

  3. Press the “Export” button just below the search area.


  4. A pop-up dialog will appear, select the format you would like to export the file in.

5. The data exporter will begin processing your export. If it’s small, the export will be available soon on the pop-up. Either way, PredictHQ will send you an email when the export is ready for download. The file will be a ZIP file containing the formatted data of your choice.


When are exports deleted?

We encourage you to download your export as soon as it’s ready. At the moment we store exports for 7 days.