Table of results in Beam

Below the graph is a table of results in Beam.


The table has the following information:

  • Date

  • Demand - The raw demand or total demand that was uploaded.

  • Incremental demand - Incremental demand value extract for the given date.

  • Aggregate Event Impact - Aggregate Event Impact will be referred to as AEI hereafter. The total impact of all events on the given date based on the estimated total attendance for all events on the date.

  • Aggregate Event Impact + 1 day - Total AEI value for 1 day after the current date. This is included as sometimes the incremental demand corresponds to events that happen a few days after the incremental demand spike. E.g. people may travel a few days before an event or book accommodation a few days before.

  • Aggregate Event Impact + 2 days - As above - Total AEI value for 2 days after the current date.

  • Example events driving demand - Click on the event to view the full detail of the event.