Table of results in Beam

Below the graph is a table of results in Beam.


The table has the following information:

  • Date - The date

  • Demand - The raw demand or total demand that was uploaded.

  • Remainder - Incremental or decremental demand value extracted for the given date. This shows demand outside the baseline pattern. This can indicate spikes or dips in demand that may be caused by events. This is part of the demand decomposition performed by Beam.

  • Event Impact - The total impact of all events on the given date is based on the predicted total attendance for all events on the date.

  • Holidays - indicates if holidays occur on that day

  • Example events driving demand - Shows an example event occurring on that day. Click on the event to view the full detail of the event.

This table shows a sample of dates where there is a correlation between the remainder and the event impact on that day.