What creates Notifications?

Notifications can be generated by several triggers.

Notifications can be created because of one of the following situations occurring that meets the set of criteria you have configured.

For events:

  1. A new event is seen by PredictHQ.

    1. We will notify users of new scheduled events up to 2 hours after the scheduled event start date.

    2. We will notify users of unscheduled events up to 48 hours after the event has occurred. 

  2. An event is postponed.

  3. An event is cancelled.

  4. An event is rescheduled to a different time or date.

  5. An event location moves greater than 5 kilometres.

  6. An event that previously didn't meet the criteria you set, now meets it.

  7. An event that previously met the criteria you set, no longer meets it.

For demand surges

  1. Demand surge threshold exceeds the threshold set by the user.