What is the difference between Center Point & Radius and City, State, Country?

Types of locations

There are two different types of locations you can add to Location Insights. A Center Point & Radius location has an address and radius. It also has latitude and longitude coordinates which are calculated based on the street address entered. Add this type of location to track events near the precise location of an individual store site. Examples of Center Point & Radius locations include stores, hotels, restaurants, parking garages, offices, or any other type of location you can think of.

City, State, Country locations cover an entire city, state, or country. Add this type of location to track events within a larger geographical region. You can track multiple neighborhoods, counties, or entire countries as needed. For example, if you manage multiple locations in a city, a state, or a country, you can add this type of location to see all events happening within these areas.

Once a location is saved, you can view its Location Insights to see details about what’s happening there. This is true for locations at one particular point, and for larger regions.