Problems Solved – Why Event Visibility is Important

Don’t run your business like an iceberg. Let event visibility give you the bigger picture.



Trouble forecasting unpredictable demand spikes because you know the 'when' but not the 'why'


Complete event visibility to provide more context around why demand has gone up or down in relation to when events occur



Wasting time manually searching, collating and managing incomplete (and potentially unreliable) event data without any additional intelligence


Relevant events are aggregated, cleansed, enriched, and ranked before they're automatically delivered to you.



Confusion caused by anecdotal, limited and incorrect event data communicated adhoc to your business


Accurate scheduled, unscheduled and historical global event data communicated dynamically to your business



Trying to retrospectively problem solve, yet being unable to predict when future spikes in demand might occur


The ability to forecast spikes in demand based on past, present and future events, so you can carry out reliable, proactive planning



Not understanding what impacts demand, resulting in low pricing confidence


Understanding what factors drive demand, creating a competitive pricing advantage



Wading through and trying to manage excessive unprocessed and dirty data that has not been enriched


Access aggregated, cleansed, enriched and ranked event data that can be filtered based on relevance to your business

Our Data Sources

  • Commercial datasets

  • Validated open datasets

  • Curated data

  • Partner enrichment

  • News media

  • User generated data

“PredictHQ has been a fantastic resource. They were able to help us uncover the impact of events, from sporting games, concerts and conferences to the effects of weather and political activity. By utilizing these effects, we have developed our technology to offer Smart Insights based on predictions for incoming flows, revenues, and reviews.”

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Mirko Lalli Travel Appeal CEO and Founder

“PredictHQ demonstrated that they could reveal insights better than we could guess with our manual alerts. They were instrumental in driving up conversion rates further than we could imagine.”

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Mark von Nagy CIO at Online Republic

“PredictHQ has been an amazing partner in our goal to ensure our customers feel secure that they are getting the best nightly prices.”

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Andrew Kitchell CEO and Founder of Wheelhouse

2,118,226,167 data points, enriching events across 29,179 cities, accessed via 1 API

All our events are standardised, enriched, and ranked.

Let PredictHQ increase your event visibility and reduce your FoMO.