Country Star Zach Bryan Breaks Records and Injects Millions into New Jersey

Published on March 28, 2024

In the dynamic world of event economics, standout tours like Zach Bryan's The Quittin' Time Tour serve as powerful case studies. Bryan's tour, a sweeping North American journey propelled by his self-titled album's success, recently made history at New Jersey’s Prudential Center. Alongside special guests The Middle East and Levi Turner, the country star drew record-breaking crowds of 18,641 and 19,151 on consecutive nights, marking a new milestone in the venue's sixteen-year history.

However, beyond the headlines of attendance records is the direct spending fueled by the enthusiastic event attendees, demonstrating the significant impact major events have on local economies. Herein lies the true power of predictive demand intelligence — which leading companies across industries use to tap into the massive spend driven by events. 

Direct spending in New Jersey driven by The Quittin Time Tour

On Thursday, March 14, 18,641 passionate fans descended upon the city, igniting a flurry of activity that translated into $1,261,876 in direct spending. From accommodations to restaurants and transportation, every facet of the local economy felt the impact:

  • Accommodation: $246,136 

  • Restaurants: $727,966 

  • Transportation: $287,773

On Friday, March 15, the momentum only intensified as 19,151 concert-goers further enriched the city with an additional $1,296,400 in spending:

  • Accommodation: $252,870 

  • Restaurants: $747,882 

  • Transportation: $295,647

These insights offer more than just a snapshot of consumer behavior — they provide a roadmap for strategic and better decision-making. For example, knowing about this demand surge in advance gives local hotels, restaurants, and mobility operators the ability to: 

  • Forecast demand with precision to align operations with local demand levels

  • Adjust staffing levels to ensure a high level of customer service even during periods of high demand

  • Optimize pricing to capitalize on the influx of event attendees and spending in the area

  • Update inventory forecasting systems and adjust stock levels in advance to meet the demand

PredictHQ tracks 19 categories of events across 30,000 cities worldwide, providing insights into predicted attendance, predicted event spend, and more.

What is demand intelligence?

By leveraging this intelligent data set, businesses can optimize their operations, maximize revenue, and enhance the overall customer experience. In doing so, they not only capitalize on the economic opportunities presented by major events but also contribute to the vibrancy and growth of their local communities.

Harness the economic potential of cultural events

The Quittin Time Tour serves as a compelling example of the symbiotic relationship between cultural events and local economies – however, that’s just one event. There are hundreds of events taking place each day in cities like New Jersey, with each one having a different impact on local spending levels. And when these events overlap (even smaller ones) it can lead to a demand surge which companies are likely to completely miss out on without the right data.


Through the lens of predictive demand intelligence, companies across the globe are gaining a deeper understanding of the transformative impact these events have, empowering businesses to thrive amidst the demand volatility and the dynamic nature of the event economy. As we continue to harness the power of data-driven insights, PredictHQ is paving the way for a future where businesses are not just reactive, but proactive in seizing opportunities and shaping their destinies. 

Join the movement to better understand the intersections of culture, commerce, and community, and the seismic impact events like concerts, festivals, expos, and more have on local economies. Book a demo to learn more about taking control of demand volatility.