Easily identify peak periods of demand with the Demand Surge API

Published on March 24, 2023
Valerie Williams
Senior Content Marketing Manager

What is a demand surge?

A demand surge is a significant spike in the amount of people attending events within a given location and date range. Knowing about these time-sensitive opportunities in advance helps businesses be more proactive in their planning and operations. Easily find these future peaks with the Demand Surge API, which quickly scans a period of 90 days for higher-than-usual increases in attendance for a given area. 

We calculate the mean attendance for your requested location across 90 days to find these demand surges. The output is a list of all the dates where attendance is a certain number of standard deviations over the mean. Once identified, you can explore these demand surges even further to find more details on the specific events that make up these surges, including the event name, description and time and place of the event. 

We have surfaced demand surges via our web UI for a while but the ability to get this data via API is what is new. The Demand Surge API is flexible enough to easily integrate into your existing systems and workflows. This means you can access the API via your preferred channels and get instant updates on demand surges without the need for any manual intervention.

Explore new opportunities with the Demand Surge API

Using the Demand Surge API is a game changer for retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, and more who are looking to better prepare for periods of peak demand. By leveraging our API, you can stay ahead of the competition by proactively planning for large crowds, ensuring they have just the right amount of resources – and staff – on hand to meet the demand.

Identifying these surges far in advance also powers the ability for businesses to make data-driven decisions for marketing and promotional efforts. Whether you plan to use the data for workforce management, staffing, marketing, or pricing strategies, having insight to be able to take advantage of the temporary increases in demand is key. Aligning strategies and operations with incoming levels of demand not only leads to higher levels of profitability, but also ensures a positive customer experience as businesses are able to better manage wait times and provide a higher level of service for each customer.