Webinar: Learn how leading QSRs are using data to tackle complex challenges

Published on November 22, 2021

Quick service restaurants have had no shortage of challenges over the last few years. The number of total distribution channels has increased considerably, the need for personalization has skyrocketed and the labor shortage challenges from before the pandemic have only gotten more severe.

But leading QSRs are finding competitive advantage in using smart data so they know the context of each location and the factors that will impact demand. Knowing this in advance means they can align their staffing, inventory, and marketing promotions, for more efficient and profitable stores.

Join AWS’s QSR expert Phil Le-Brun, with 25+ years of leadership experience at Mcdonald's, and intelligent data provider PredictHQ’s CEO Campbell Brown in this webinar. We will cover how and why QSRs should be shifting short and long-term strategies to include external data to better understand demand.

In this 45 minute session, we’ll cover:

  • How QSRs are using external event data to become operationally efficient

  • An exclusive look at a never before seen Demand Impact Report that analyzes millions of data points to provide an accurate picture of the upcoming year for QSRs

  • A spotlight on key US cities and their recovery demand trends

  • Insight into how major QSRs use this data to optimize their supply, staffing, and marketing strategies