How to Avoid Business-Related FoMO

Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

There’s an art to staying ahead of the pack – and it’s called PredictHQ

Business-related fear of missing out (FoMO) is a disease that can infiltrate companies big or small. Fo-what? Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with ‘mofo’ …

Fear of missing out (FoMO) is a feeling of anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, which one might miss an opportunity to be part of or benefit from. Obviously with businesses this can be a pretty big deal, especially when profitability and reputation are on the line.

Of course, there’s no point wishing ‘I shoulda coulda woulda’ because what did or didn’t happen in the past is all over, rover. Right? Well … no. Some businesses need help figuring out how to avoid business-related FoMO. The good news is that it’s definitely possible with a bit of forward planning and the right tools. Here’s how to do it well.

Be prepared

The ability to see into the future would solve most companies’ problems when it comes to business-related FoMO. If they knew a particular event was coming up well in advance, they’d be able to prepare for it, plan around it and improve their overall profitability. Unfortunately many businesses aren’t organized enough to avoid FoMO in the first place. They fail to understand the power of planning which can cause them to miss the boat completely while their competitors rake in all the cash.

But not with PredictHQ. In layman’s terms, PredictHQ plans ahead so you don’t have to. The global event intelligence platform aggregates, enriches and connects scheduled and real-time event data happening both locally and globally, then predicts which ones could impact your business. Because PredictHQ is constantly improving its global event visibility, businesses can get a planning head-start on what events are coming up – which means you’ll always be prepped and organized before an event really impacts you.

While it’s important for businesses to understand what events might impact their market and industry, it’s also useful to understand what’s going on in other markets too. That means if there’s a school holiday scheduled in New York, a resort on the other side of America could create a tactical campaign to attract New Yorkers to their destination during that particular holiday.

Replicate jobs well done

Think back to a really successful marketing or sales campaign you’ve worked on. What are the bits that you probably wouldn’t do again? But more importantly, what are the bits that were awesome and improved your overall profitability?

Save yourself a lot of hard work by replicating successful campaigns with the help of PredictHQ’s task management functionality. Set a repeat reminder relative to a particular reoccurring event or series of events, schedule when you’d like to receive alerts, then bask in the knowledge that most of the work has been done before the day arrives.

Beat the pack

What about events that happen without a lot of warning like natural disasters or airport delays? Every forward-thinking business wants to stay at least one step ahead of their competitors and consequently reduce their fear of missing out (FoMO), and PredictHQ’s event visibility of real-time events is an effective way to do this. Scheduled events are accessible by most businesses whether they use PredictHQ or not (although they’re a lot easier to find if they do), but it’s the ability to react to real-time events quickly and efficiently, and adapt existing (or create new) marketing and sales campaigns to work in with those real-time events better, that will separate you from your competitors.

Search smarter & strategically

Sure, event visibility is possible without the help of PredictHQ, but what if you could make searching for events even easier? Googling location by location for relevant events is incredibly labour-intensive – and who has time for that anyway?

We make it super-easy and intuitive to discover upcoming events happening in multiple locations with just a few clicks of your mouse – a much better option than Googling each location that interests you individually! How? We’ve scouted high and low for event data from all around the world and brought it into one handy location, which will help you save time and search strategically for event data that means something to your business. The ability to search multiple cities, regions or countries in one go, then compare dates relative to one another makes it even easier to plan your sales and marketing strategies well in advance. You can thank us later.

Make it easy

I think we can all agree that the easier it is to do business, the more likely we are to improve our profitability. That’s why PredictHQ’s event intelligence supports doing-business-easy-ness. Choose the events that are relevant to your business and that you want to be alerted about, save those searches so they’re just a tap of a button away next time, choose what kinds of notifications you receive and how often you get them, utilize PredictHQ’s task management system to ensure all the essential parts of the marketing puzzle get done on time, and cut through the noise and increase your overall efficiency by utilizing different category types in one handy place instead of having to search through multiple sources to find the same information.

Want to stop your customers from getting FoMO?

With our API, you can build applications or features that help to keep your customers informed and engaged within your business. Whether it’s creating new push notifications for your app, contextual booking alerts for your result pages or triggering promotions based on events, our API along with our lovely team can help.