Improving our free trial experience: access to intelligent event data across 30,000 cities

Published on April 23, 2021
Jay Janarthanan
Product Manager

We've designed our developer plan for anyone who wants to take a look at our intelligent events data. For example people such as data scientists, data engineers, developers and product managers, who are seeking a scalable way to get high quality event data into their forecasts for more accurate planning. Our developer plan is a trial that allows you to explore our data and solutions before you dive in. It gives you access historical and future data to explore events data and look at it how it impacts your locations and demand.

PredictHQ is constantly focused on improving the experience for our users. One area where we have received feedback is around the developer plan trial experience, which previously only provided access to our data in Seattle and Bristol. This was to give customers a sample of our data so they could try it out. We have now made our data accessible for all locations worldwide for the duration of the developer trial.

We previously offered an unlimited time trial experience for Seattle and Bristol exclusively, but we noticed that most users were based outside of these locations. Understandably, many were searching for events and demand intelligence in their home cities or key locations.

To help improve the experience, we have made changes to the developer plan so that new users now get access to all cities and locations on the trial plan, and we have made the plan accessible for 14 days followed by support from PredictHQ to find the most suitable Premium Plan license for the customer’s demand intelligence needs.

We also are providing 22 months of historical data access, as we know historical data is important for data science teams. You also have access to 30 days forward looking data visibility in the trial.

Another addition to the trial is access to our new Live TV events feature, which is available in the US currently. For US-based customers, try out the TV events tab under search to look at how many people are watching sports games on TV in your locations.

Create a API token to get going, use our API Explorer to try out the API, explore our events data with our search, see the total amount of people attending events across a location with the impact graph and set up notifications on events to see when events change with notifications. All available with the free developer plan.

Control Center is the gateway to our data. If you want to explore using our data to improve the accuracy of your forecast - create a token and export it with our exporter and use out Jupyter notebooks to see how you can use it in your models! 

Find out events happening in your location on our improved trial plan today at