Be the first to know about potential events with PredictHQ Predicted Events

Published on January 17, 2023
Valerie Williams
Senior Content Marketing Manager

PredictHQ is using its huge breadth of historical event data and world-first features, such as recurring events, to bring yet another world first to its customers. Introducing Predicted Events, events that haven’t been scheduled or even announced yet, but are predicted to occur – based on years of historical event, entity, demand and venue data.

Oftentimes, when it comes to some of the most impactful events, people might anecdotally know they are going to occur – but the date, time, and location are not officially announced until a few months before they occur. The Predicted Events feature provides a degree of probability for when and where these events will happen. This will enable hotels, airlines, mobility, retail, and many more businesses to plan, adapt and yield from events driving millions of dollars in demand well before anyone else – at scale. 

Use Predicted Events to see unconfirmed events and their approximate geographic area as early as possible to assess whether they would have an impact on your locations, so you can plan and adjust your operations in advance.

Stay up to date with changes to event status, meaning if the event is ultimately scheduled – it will become active, and complete with confirmed event details. Similarly, if the predicted event is canceled or postponed (for example, if there’s no official record from the provider), the event status will be updated to reflect this, so you can avoid including it in your plans.

How Predicted Events works

Predicted Events aims to increase the visibility window from when events are seen in our system, to when they are due by up to 60% or more. This means, for example, that some events that were seen or announced five months prior to their due date, will now show up to 12 months prior to the due date.

Predicted Events will have their own status, and you will be able to search and retrieve them just as any other event. Predicted Events will always carry some risk that they might not eventuate, because some of them may not come from our providers. Still, we have internal logic and mechanisms in place to mitigate this risk.

All Predicted Events will be either upgraded to Active Events (the standard events that you’re already getting through our web application and APIs), or downgraded to Deleted, depending on whether or not they get confirmed by the providers closer to the due date. The same ID will carry over from Predicted, to Active, or Deleted – so you don’t need to fetch new IDs periodically.

To see Predicted Events in Control Center choose Predicted from the Event Status pull down and click on the search button. Predicted Events are shown with a Predicted Event label and an explanation on the event details page. Predicted Events also show in the list of events shown for a location with Location Insights.


Types of Predicted Events

The Predicted Events feature includes the release of existing events that don’t officially have start times yet. These are events we had, but didn’t previously show due to their unconfirmed status. Now, these events will be visible with the label of Predicted Events. These events will lack precise start times (hour of day), but they will include start dates (the date on which they’re predicted to be held). 

Predicted Events also includes entirely new events. These are based on analyzing recurring events, and inferring the next event in the set before it is officially announced by event organizers. We do this by leveraging our machine learning models, in addition to millions of event records in order to reliably synthesize events based on discernible patterns. 

Log in to your PredictHQ account today to see over 100,000 predicted events now visible in our web application, including:

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