New API feature: Introducing Venue Entities

Published on June 13, 2019
Peter Jansen
Head of Product

Search by venue and improved address information

Did you know that you can find venue and address information for events via our API? Venue entities have been enabled for all API users by default. At PredictHQ we are constantly working to enrich our data and add more valuable features to allow customers to find events that matter to their business. Therefore, we’ve recently added venue “entities” to our API.

What is it?

Venue entities reflect locations such as a stadium, concert hall, arena, building or other type of physical location where events take place.

Entities are linked to events and at the moment the type we’ve included are venues. Venues enhance the address information for events so having this available in our API saves you time retrieving that information separately via other means.

For example: Madison Square Garden is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Our system records and links events to venues such as NBA matches at Madison Square Garden.

Having venue entities in the API is powerful because it provides significantly more address information, which is particularly useful for ride-sharing, transport, retail and accommodation companies.

We pull events from hundreds of sources and venues are one of many factors that together allow us to accurately predict attendance and impact for each event. This is part of the PredictHQ ‘secret sauce’ to power our ranking algorithms that allow you to find the events which really matter to your business.

How do I use this?

Entities is a new API field, so you will see this in your API response if there are entities linked to events.

You can also search for events happening at a given venue using the API.

First you will need to search for an event you know is taking place at the venue, find the entity ID of the venue, and then you will be able to search for events happening at the same venue now that you have the venue entity ID.

We are continually working on improving our API and over time we will continue to expose more entities and better ways to search on entities.

For more information, check out our Developer Docs for the entities field and parameter for events.