PHQ Labels: More relevant and representative event labels

Published on October 18, 2023

PHQ labels help describe what events are about

Event labels are short descriptors that provide detail about an event. For example, events in the concert category are labeled "concert", but that same event might also include labels such as electronic, hip-hop, or jazz depending on the type of concert. 

We have always had labels as a part of our event data but today we are introducing what we’re calling PHQ Labels, which produces event labels that are even more relevant and representative of what each event is actually about. With the new PHQ Labels, PredictHQ customers now get more relevant, representative labels for events. This means that both humans and models can better select and utilize PredictHQ data to: 

  • Quickly understand what events are about 

  • Filter your search results by labels to get more granular results

  • Easily identify key interests of event attendees 

How it works

Our label generation methods have been updated to use newer-generation classification and Large language models (LLMs) to increase the utility and relevance of event labels. A large language model is a type of artificial intelligence that can generate and understand text. LLMs are trained on massive datasets of text and code, which allows them to learn the patterns and structures of language. 

This release includes 6 business and leisure event categories:

  • Conferences

  • Expos

  • Festivals

  • Performing Arts

  • Community

  • Concerts

Label Weights

In addition to new and improved labels, we now also surface a label’s weight for even greater transparency. This represents a label’s overall contribution to the entire label set, and always adds up to 1. 

For example, if an event has 3 labels with weights 0.5, 0.25 and 0.25, we can communicate that the event is mostly about Label 1, while Labels 2 and 3 can be considered to be peripheral themes. All displayed labels will have some degree of relevance to the event.

For example, let’s say an upcoming conference has the following three labels: 

  • Medical, weight: 0.524

  • Education-and-careers, weight: 0.27

  • Science-and-technology, weight: 0.206. 

As Medical has the highest weight compared to the other labels, we can assume that this is mainly a medical conference, with education and technology being secondary themes. 

Where to find PHQ Labels in our platform

You can find a list of all of PHQ Labels in our technical documentation. In Control Center, our web application, you can also see labels within your search results by taking a look at the event details pages. Legacy labels are also available intact, to ensure backwards-compatibility with any existing code or logic you may have already implemented.